President University Professional Development Center (PU - PDC) is a unit under President University. It specializes in providing executives, managers, employees, students, and the general public opportunities for professional advancement through further education.

PU – PDC believes that people and institutions will invest in opportunities that would improve their competencies and capabilities as part of their desire for life-long learning. Therefore PU - PDC is here to provide the learning space for growth and development, in tandem with the higher education academic system through President University, and experts in various fields such as business management, information technology (IT), entrepreneurship, and the sciences.PU - PDC  offers short courses for advancement, certifications, executive development program, skills preparation for students, and a program for learning English and non-English languages.

PU – PDC is supported by President University’s finest academics, and consulting partners, domestic and overseas. Lectures are highly interactive and are backed up by knowledge of the latest information trends and  research.


PU - PDC Value Proposition


Finest academics coming from qualified overseas and domestic institutions
Finest academics who are also experienced industry practitioners, bringing industry best practices into programmes
Network with business and government leaders who can provide business expertise and mentorship
Alliance with world-class universities and international training partners
Able to deliver programs in both English and Indonesian languages


Programme offerings are benchmarked against contemporary or emerging research, and against the programmes of the best universities in the world. This enables up to date knowledge acquisition and synchronized global learning pathways.

Cost Effective

Programs can be delivered in-house allowing more staff to attend the courses, and afford convenience.


Programme offerings can be adapted to cater to the organization's competency needs and requirements.


What We Offer: Short Courses, Training, Seminars, and Competency Development in the following areas:

  1. Innovation and Leadership
  2. Management of Our Times
  3. Information and IT Management
  4. Marketing in a Digitized World
  5. Communicating for Impact
  6. Human Resources Management, and Occupational Safety and Health
  7. Leading an Education Business
  8. Upskilling for Employability
  9. Business English and Other Languages Upskilling
  10. PresUniv In-house English Language Upskilling
  11. Executive Development Program


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