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04 Apr 2024

President’s Lecture Alumni Series #7: Four Alumni Speak on Global Climate Change

On Thursday, March 28, 2024, President University (Presuniv) once again invited alumni to be speakers in the President’s Lecture Series: Alumni Series #7 held at the Charles Himawan Auditorium. This time, the theme addressed was "Fostering Local Innovation in Addressing Global Climate Change." The seminar featured 4 alumni from the International Relations Study Program, class of 2011. They were the CEO of Ecoxyztem Jonathan Davy, CCO of Ecoxyztem Andreas Pandu Wirawan, Associate Manager at Kopernik Muhammad Fahrian Yovantra, and Partnership and Communications at Ecoxyztem Ratna Sudaryo. Several Presuniv lecturers also attended the event, including the Head of the Center for Environment, Disaster Resilience, and Sustainability at Presuniv, who is also a lecturer in the Environmental Engineering Study Program, Dr. Ir. Yunita Ismail Masjud, M.Si., and a lecturer in the International Relations Study Program who also served as the moderator, M. Sigit Andhi Rahman, Ph.D.

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