KITAS (Stay Permit)


Dear international students at President University,

This page will guide you to prepare the extension of your KITAS (Kartu Izin Tinggal Sementara/stay permit). There are documents that you need to submit to us. They are:

  1. Passport and copy of passport
  2. Photo size 4 x 6 (Formal with red background)
  3. Copy of your current KITAS
  4. Copy of your latest academic transcript (Final Grade Report) from PUIS
  5. Health Certificate from President Medical Center or other hospitals/clinics (Taken at last three months ago)
  6. Fill in Statement Letter (Click download)
  7. Fill in Financial Statement Letter (Click download)
  8. Write a Surat Permohonan (Click download)

Submit all the documents in a transparent folder to our office: International Students Affairs Building A Room 320.



  1. You MUST be aware of your KITAS expiration date and your application can only be proceeded if you submit the documents by yourself. 
  2. Submit all the documents at least 50 days before your KITAS expired date.