Welcome to Students Affairs Bureau of President University!

Being a student is not only about academic achievements (such as GPA), but also non-academic participations. Non-academic participations are an important determinant of the quality of life after graduation. The examples of non-academic participations are: competition achievement, organization experience, extracurricular, and many more.

Students Affairs positions good concern on developing non-academic participations of the students. The students usually come to us to get information about many things such as:

  1. Scholarship availability : That's great to hear that we provide scholarship opportunities to students. We provide opportunities to students to get scholarship from many funding. Scholarships can cover varying amounts of a student's educational expenses, from a small amount to full tuition and additional stipends. This is play a vital role in making higher education more accessible to a wide range of students and helping them achieve their academic and career aspirations.
  2. Competitions               : We have lots of information about competition that can be follow by students. We also give our best support for students to join the competitions. Supporting students in joining competitions, whether academic, extracurricular, or professional, is a valuable way to foster their personal growth, skill development, and confidence. Competitions play a significant role in personal and professional development, as they encourage individuals and teams to strive for excellence, set and achieve goals, and contribute to personal growth and innovation in a wide range of fields.
  3. Student Organization    : Students Affair have responsibility to build up student organization in President University. The organizations consist of: President University Student Council (PUSC), President University Student Board (PUSB), President University Faculty Association (PUFA), and President University Major Association (PUMA). Student organizations typically have their own leadership structures, constitution or bylaws, and may receive financial support from the institution, often through student activity fees. We provide a valuable opportunity for students to pursue their interests, develop leadership skills, and engage with the campus community. Joining a student organization can enhance the overall college experience, as it allows students to connect with like-minded peers, make friends, and explore their passions outside of the classroom.
  4. Club and Communities (CnC)  : In President University, students get the facilities to develop their talent by joining Club and Communities. Here, you can develop your talent in religious, arts, and sports. Extracurricular clubs and communities offer students the chance to explore their passions, build friendships, develop leadership skills, and make a positive impact on their campus and the broader community. They contribute to a well-rounded education and help students develop valuable life skills and experiences outside of the classroom.
  5. Counselling                 : Counselling is a specialized form of support that we provide individuals with guidance, advice, and assistance in addressing personal, emotional, academic, and psychological challenges. It serves several important functions in helping individuals cope with their problems and improve their well-being. We understand that students have their problems, including academic problem, social problem, economic problem, family issue, etc. Counselling team are open to listen for students’ problem, also give the best suggestion for students.
  6. Events                       : For students, attending and participating in campus events can be a rewarding experience. This can help expand their knowledge, improve social skills, and allow them to engage in activities outside of the academic curriculum. These events can also be an opportunity to network, make social connections, and aid in personal growth. Events are organized gatherings or occasions designed to bring people together for a specific purpose, often for social, educational, recreational, or professional reasons. Events serve a wide range of functions and purposes, and it can be organized in various settings, such as conferences, festivals, parties, meetings, and more.
  7. Ethics                        : In the context of President University, ethics refers to the principles and standards of conduct that guide the behaviour of students, faculty, and staff within the university community. It encompasses values such as honesty, integrity, respect, fairness, and responsibility. The Ethics Bureau at President University is responsible for addressing and resolving ethical issues and ensuring that the university community upholds these ethical principles. Ethics refers to a set of principles or moral values that govern human behaviour and decision-making. It provides a framework for distinguishing between right and wrong, guiding individuals and societies in making ethical judgments and choices. Ethics can apply to various aspects of life, including personal, professional, and societal contexts.
  8. Kampus Merdeka          :  Kampus Merdeka is part of a larger set of reforms in the Indonesian education system that also includes the "Merdeka Belajar" or "Freedom to Learn" program. This program is designed to encourage more active and student-centred learning and to help students develop relevant skills for the workforce. Kampus Merdeka promotes a student-centred approach to education. It encourages students to have more active and participatory roles in their own learning, helping them develop relevant skills and competencies.

Do not be hesitate to come to us. Come to our office at 3rd floor of A building. We are here to give our best services to you!