Welcome to Students Affairs Bureau of President University!

Being a student is not only about academic achievements (such as GPA), but also nonacademic participations. Nonacademic participations is an important determinant of the quality of life after graduation. The examples of nonacademic participations are: competition achievement, organization experience, extracurricular, and many more.

Students Affairs positions good concern on developing nonacademic participations of the students. The students usually come to us to get information about many things such as:

  1. Scholarship availability. We provide opportunities to students to get scholarship from many funding.
  2. Competitions. We have lots of information about competition that can be follow by students. We also give our best support for students to join the competitions.
  3. Student Organization. Students Affair have responsibility to build up student organization in President University. The organizations consist of: President University Student Council (PUSC), President University Student Union (PUSU), and President University Major Association (PUMA).
  4. Club and Communities (Extracurricular). In President University, students get the facilities to develop their talent by joining Club and Communities. Here, you can develop your talent in religious, arts, and sports.
  5. Counseling.  We understand that students have their problems, including academic problem, social problem, economic problem, family issue, etc. Counseling team are open to listen for students’ problem, also give the best suggestion for students.


Do not be hesitate to come to us. Come to our office at 3rd floor of A building. We are here to give our best services to you!


Head of Students Affairs Bureau
Donald Samuel Slamet Santosa, S.Pd., M.M., M.Pd., D.Th.
Phone: +6285 727 189 094


Our Team

Head of Students Affairs Bureau
Donald Samuel Slamet Santosa, S.Pd., M.M., M.Pd., D.Th.

Counseling Coordinator
Dr. Andreas Yumarma, S.Pd

PUSC and PUSU Advisor
Hernawati W. Retno Wiratih, S.Pd., M.Sc

Dr. Bruno Rumyaru, M.A

Susilo, S.Kom

Elyzabet Olvi, S.E.

Aceng Kuswanto