Study Abroad at PresUniv

As an English-speaking university with a global mindset, President University would be suitable for international students seeking to have an experience living in an integrated industrial area in one of the world’s fastest growing economies. The university is equipped with premium facilities which include student housing, broadband wi-fi, library, and access to sport facilities such as golf course, tennis court, basketball court, and swimming pool, among many others.

Surrounded by abundant industrial resources, President University provides international students with a glimpse of the rapid development of Indonesia’s largest industrial areas. The university opens up opportunities for students who wish to have an international career in a multinational company.

Due to the tropical climate, the university and its surroundings have a relatively “stable” weather throughout the year, which allows international students from non-tropical countries to seek for warmer climate during the relatively cold weather in their respective home countries. The multicultural environment in President University enables students to expand their knowledge, broaden their network, while having fun and mingling with friends from various backgrounds.

The programme will open thrice each year, with the following description:

Programmes Offered Non-degree Students for all subjects offered throughout the year
Period of Study

3 months; 6 months; 1 year*

*students can choose to have more than one semester exchange

Admission Semester Application Deadline Orientation Period of Study
Spring semester

November 1

Mid December

Feb - Apr

Summer semester

March 1

Mid April

June – Aug

Winter semester

August 1

Early September

Oct – Dec

Note: the dates are subjected to changes

Credits Earned


Note: Please consult with your international office for more information

Tuition Fee

The tuition fees for students from our partner institutions will be waived for up to 3 academic courses. Students will be charged IDR 600,000 for every additional credit taken during the exchange semester.


Note: To see our partner institution, please click here (list of partner universities)

Accommodation Fee

Elvis Tower:

  • Twin: IDR 2,000,000
  • Single: IDR 4,000,000

Note: We could waive the accommodation fee if there is an agreement with our partner universities. Please consult with your university’s international office.

  • Sport facilities (golf course, tennis court, swimming pool, basketball court, futsal court)
  • Adam Kurniawan Library
  • Student housing
  • Auditorium
  • Food court
  • President University Information System (PUIS)
  • ATM Counter
  • Meal card (balance shall be coverable by students)


1. Enrolled as an active student in home institution;
2. Has completed at least 1 academic year at the home institution;
3. Has a valid passport that will not be expired during the programme;
4. GPA of at least 2.75 (scale of 00);
5. English proficiency test*:

      a. IELTS: Min 5.0 (overall score);
      b. TOEFL: Min 64 (iBT); 480 (PBT); 170 (CBT);
      c. TOEIC: Min 600

*English proficiency shall be exempted for institutions with English as its medium of instruction

1. Complete the application form;
2. Statement letter from home institution confirming that the first language of the institution is English* or copy of a valid English proficiency test result;
3. Statement letter of enrollment from home institution;
4. Scanned copy of the latest academic transcript;
5. Scanned copy of active passport.

*For institutions with English as the medium of instruction

How to Apply?
Submit all the requirements in pdf or jpg format and send it to




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