22 Jun 2022

Pandu Adi Cakranegara, Lecturer of the President Univ Management Study Program, Get a Doctorate Degree

When continuing education to the Strata-3 (S3) level, business students will be faced with two program choices, namely Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). Quoted by Compass.com, those who chose the Ph.D. wish to have a career in the social sciences and become full-time professors or pursue a career in an academic field, such as conducting research that contributes to knowledge or business theory.

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10 May 2022

President University Participates in the Establishment of the AHS

President University's (PresUniv) plans to establish a Medical Faculty continues to move forward. This is in line with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between President University and the Bekasi Regency Government. The MoU contains the understanding between PresUniv and the Bekasi Regency Government for the development of an Academic Health System (AHS) in the Bekasi Regency. The MoU was signed by the Rector of PresUniv Prof. Dr. Chairy and Plt. Bekasi Regent H. Akhmad Marjuki, SE, MM., Jababeka Golf & Country Club, Cikarang, Bekasi, on Wednesday (20/4).

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21 Apr 2022

Lula Wanitama, Winner of the Election of the Youth Pioneer of Bekasi Regency Award in the field of Natural Resources Management

One of President University (PresUniv) students, Lula Wanitama entered the election . Lula is an Environmental Engineering Study Program student, batch 2018. At the event, Lula won first place in the field of natural resource management, environment, and tourism. The  event was  held from the 28th to 29th March 2022.

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22 Feb 2022

Growing Under Pressure (Part 4 of 4 articles )

Now, we enter to the core of book Growing Under Pressure by Iman Permana and Jazak Yus Afriansyah, namely how to turn pressure into strength? The formula is to change. Iman and Jazak formulate with 4C. What is it?

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18 Feb 2022

Growing Under Pressure (Part 3 of 4 articles )

One time Spain was ruled by King Roderick, who ruled despotically. He divided the population into several castes. He imposed high taxes for the lowest caste, such as farmers, traders, the poor, and laborers, whose lives actually suffered greatly. Who dares to oppose, lives lost.

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16 Feb 2022

Growing Under Pressure (Part 2 of 4 articles)

Pressure comes from outside. It is scalar or pressing in all directions. Because it comes from outside, we cannot control the pressure. Pressure triggers stress. If the pressure comes from outside and we cannot control it, stress is the opposite. Instead, it emerges from within as a reaction to pressure. So, because it comes from within ourselves, stress should be more controllable.

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14 Feb 2022

Book Review Growing Under Pressure (Part 1 of 4 articles)

The introduction of this book, Growing Under Pressure, written by Iman Permana, a lecturer at President University (PresUniv), and Jazak Yus Afriansyah, a postgraduate student at PresUniv, is very interesting. Both open with a paradox. There are mentioned a number of events that should make us happy, but what actually happened is the opposite. We are not happy, but stress instead and eventually trigger pressure. What are the events? First, on vacation. Who doesn't like vacations? However, an expedia.com survey, as quoted in this book, states that 53% of workers in the United States (US) are actually not fit after returning from vacation. Meanwhile, there are 30% of workers still have to work, even though they are on vacation.

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17 Jan 2022

Natasha Nicolas Meape Achariga Becomes Putri Batik Karawang 2021

One of the students from President University (PresUniv), Natasha Nicolas Meape Achariga, or commonly called Natasha, participated in the event. Natasha is a student of the Communication Study Program, batch 2019. She won and won the Putri Batik Karawang 2021 award.

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