Published: 30 Nov 2022

Writing a Book with the ATM Way

Starting with writing columns in various media, now Dr. Dedi Rianto Rahadi, MM, has produced more than 15 books on various topics. Among other things, discussing about organizational behavior, compensation, workplace communication, and various other issues related to management. Dedi is one of the lecturers in Management Study Program at President University (Presuniv).

When asked during his busy teaching schedule, Dedi revealed that he was writing column when he active at a campus in Palembang, South Sumatra. "I've even written 20 articles at once," he said.

After writing a column for a long time, finally, in 2008, Dedi decided to encourage himself to write a book. He said modestly, "It started because I really had no other choice. As a lecturer, I do have an obligation to collect credit. One way is to make a book."

Finally, Dedi started writing a book. His first book, Proses Riset Penelitian, was published in Malang by Tunggal Mandiri Publisher. Dedi knew the publisher while undergoing his doctoral program (S3) at Brawijaya University, Malang. He completed his S-3 program in 2004.

Happy His Work Become a Reference

Over the years of writing books, Dedi has never commercialized his work. On the contrary, he actually donated many of his books to several libraries in Indonesia. When asked, he answered, "The process of digging up sources of information for books I got for free. So, why should I sell my creations?," he asked again

One of the books by Dedi Rianto.

Source: Doc. Dedi Rianto.

Once upon a time, Dedi found his book being traded on Indonesian e-commerce. This should be a case of copyright infringement. However, Dedi did not want to bother about the violation. He said, he was even proud because his book was used by people who were doing research. That means that the work that he put into his book is very useful and helps other people who want to do research.

According to Dedi, basically everyone has the potential and ability to write and make books. The key is how the person is able to formulate his thoughts. "Everyone's thoughts and knowledge must be cultivated," said Dedi.

The results of that thought can be expressed in various ways. And, in terms of form, it is entirely up to the individual. It want to be inscribed in a book, journal, or article? "If I choose to write a book," he said firmly.

Currently, Dedi has set a target to write three books each year. The method? Said Dedi, "I use the ATM technique, which stands for Amati, Tiru dan Modifikasi (Observe, Imitate, and Modify). For me, this is the simplest way to start writing a book." Dedi acknowledged that the process of being self-assured, committed, and consistent was a challenge in the early stages. To answer this challenge, said Dedi, it is important to remember the initial ideals and goals: Why do you want to write?

Dedi shared about getting writing ideas. He said he usually gets ideas at unexpected times. "When the idea comes," said Dedi, "he will usually immediately write it down as an initial draft. I immediately do it so as not to forget."

He also emphasized that when writing, never limit references. Because, according to him, the reference could have come from an unexpected source. For instance, from the people around you. (Lita Gabriella, PR team. Photo: Dok. Dedi Rianto)