Published: 18 Nov 2022

On Friday (11/11), Simplisius Leandro Okhotan, a postgraduate student at President University (Presuniv) from the Master of Technology Management Study Program batch 2022, won 2nd place in the National Koko Cici 2022 Selection. This event was held at the Nafiri Bay Ballroom, Baywalk Mall, Pluit, Jakarta.

Leandro said that previously he had participated in the Koko Cici Election for West Java Province in 2020. At that time, he was still completing his bachelor's degree at Presuniv. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the grand final night for the 2020 Koko Cici Election in West Java Province was finally postponed and could only be held in February 2021.

On the grand final night, Leandro finished second while also serving as Deputy 1 for Koko West Java Province 2021. This success led Leandro to participate in the national-level Koko Cici Election, which will be held in 2022.

Hybrid Quarantine

Participating in a national-level event, said Leandro, encouraged him to make several preparations. "I exercised more and more intensively to keep my body fit," said Leandro. He also maintains a healthy lifestyle to have an ideal body posture. A fit body condition, continued Leandro, is necessary because the whole series of events is long and tiring.

When asked what motivated him to participate in the 2022 Koko Cici Selection event, Leandro replied, "I feel that this Koko Cici Election event is the right place for me actively participate in youth activities in Indonesia."


Leandro Okhotan's appearance in the 2022 national level Koko Cici Election.

Source: Dok. Leandro.

Leandro also admitted that he gained much new knowledge and skills during his quarantine period. Because still in a pandemic atmosphere, quarantine is carried out in a hybrid manner. For one month, he must participate in an online quarantine program, and for five days, he must undergo an offline quarantine.

Leandro explained that he had to learn many things during the quarantine period. Among them are the ability to do public speaking, build personal branding, how act on the catwalk, and the procedures for behaving. He said, "I also received training on many things related to Chinese culture, the tourism industry, and the social conditions in Indonesia."

In addition to these materials, Leandro also gained a lot of experience. He then shared his experience with the entire academic community at Presuniv. He said, "Never be afraid to try and get out of your comfort zone because to become a bigger person and continue to grow every day, we must be able to fight fear and dare to take risks." Only in this way do we know ourselves better. "Believe that all the positive things we do will bring positive results for ourselves." Congratulations, Leandro. (Lita Gabriella, PR team) (Photo: Doc. Leandro Okhotan).