22 Aug 2021

More Aware Consumers Will Join Promoting The Circular Economy (Part 2 Of 2 Posts)

In another part of his speech, Chairy also mentioned the development of new marketing trends, especially in social media, which relies on influencers or buzzers. This phenomenon occurs not only in the business field but also socially and politically. Whether from celebrities or influential figures, many influencers are deliberately paid to influence people's attitudes and behaviors. These influencers, according to Chairy, can play an essential role in encouraging people to consume more responsibly. Unfortunately, added Chairy, in an increasingly capitalistic and hedonistic society, many influencers prefer to pursue material gains and ignore this noble role. In his speech, Chairy also emphasized the community's role in encouraging the circular economy for a better future for the nation and state. Here, what is meant by a circular economy is an economic activity that includes reuse, product improvement, recycling, environmentally friendly production design, sustainable supply chains, and includes more responsible consumption. "So, the movement to consume consciously is very relevant to the concept of a circular economy," said Chairy.

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21 Aug 2021

More Aware Consumers Will Join Promoting The Circular Economy (Part 1 of 2 Posts)

As conveyed by Prof. Dr. Chairy in the inauguration oration of a professor of management at President University, Saturday (21/8). Chairy is the second professor inaugurated by President University. Previously on April 26, 2019, President University inaugurated Prof. Dr. Jony Oktavian Haryanto, the Rector of the university, who was the first professor. “I feel proud because today we again inaugurate a professor whom President University carried out. Hopefully, the inauguration of Prof. Chairy inspires other President University lecturers to become professors immediately," said Jony Haryanto in his speech.

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19 Aug 2021

Acceleration of Indonesian Digital Finance through QRIS

QRIS (read, kris) stands for Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard. As the name, QRIS is a standardization effort by Bank Indonesia (BI) for all companies that use financial technology (fintech) such as GoPay, OVO, DANA, LinkAja, and others. According to BI, QRIS unifies various QR codes from various Payment System Service Providers (Penyelenggara Jasa Sistem Pembayaran or PJSP).

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18 Aug 2021

How Fresh Graduates Get Jobs During a Pandemic

In the working world, VUCA can make many companies forced to cut the number of workers, even to go out of business. It makes the competition in the world of work increasingly fierce. Then what about fresh graduates and prospective new graduates who want to get a job during a pandemic like this? Meanwhile, they also have to compete with many job seekers who already have work experience.

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16 Aug 2021

How to Define a Sustainable Business Model?

When a founder builds a startup, of course he wants his business to lasts a long time. To achieve this, a sustainable business model is needed. However, in the process there are many factors, both internal and external, which then influence. Moreover, the technology industry in the country which has very high dynamics.

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12 Aug 2021

Indonesia's Digital Economy 2030: Grows Eightfold. What's the Challenge?

Minister of Trade Muhammad Lutfi revealed that Indonesia's digital economy will grow eight times by 2030. Its value, from Rp632 trillion to Rp4,531 trillion. Of all this value, e-commerce will play a very large role, reaching 34% or equivalent to Rp1,900 trillion. Other digital businesses will be contributed by online health services, online travel services, financial technology, ride hailing, and so on.

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10 Aug 2021

Tips for Making a Good and Attractive Resume

During the current pandemic, finding a job or an internship is becoming increasingly difficult. Many job seekers or internship applicants have not yet found a place. They have sent applications to many companies.

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22 Jul 2021

Wahyoo Strategy Againts Pandemic

For those who really like eating at warteg must be familiar with Wahyoo. What is it? For those of you who don't know, Wahyoo is a service platform for food stall entrepreneurs that provides various services. Wahyoo is also a local technology-based startup that specializes in helping the welfare of traditional food stalls.

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