Published: 15 Feb 2024

Simplisius Leandro Okhotan, a student of the Master of Technology Management Study Program (Prodi), Faculty of Business, President University (Presuniv) class of 2022 succeeded in placing 2nd in the 2023 Putra Putri Tenun dan Songket Indonesia (PPTSI). The 2023 PPTSI election was held by Yayasan Cinta Budaya Kain Nusantara (CBKN), the Komunitas Tekstil Tradisional Indonesia (KTTI), and the Putra Putri Tenun dan Songket Foundation.

At the 2023 PPTSI event, the competition participants were young people who come from 38 provinces throughout Indonesia. They have to compete at the regional level first, before finally competing at the national level. At PPTSI 2023, Leandro represented the Province of Bali.

Of the 38 regional-level finalists, the 10 best were finally selected to compete at the national level. They must undergo the pre-quarantine stage which was held on December 15, 2023 at the Grand Alia Hotel, Cikini, Jakarta.

Leandro explained that in this selection process, there were five criteria that were used by the judge. First, cultural knowledge, especially about weaving and songket. Second, an assessment of the national insight that makes them young men and women with character. Third, business in terms of culture, ethics, morals, knowledge of politics, and foreign language skills, especially English.

The fourth assessment criterion is public speaking. Then, the last criteria was our understanding of economics and business, including entrepreneurship skills.

Enter the Grand Final

During the quarantine period, the finalists not only stayed in the hotel but were also invited to visit various tourist attractions, including historical ones. For example, they visited Betawi tourism and agro-tourism areas, as well as the Betawi Culture Museum in the Setu Babakan area, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. "Apart from that, we also visited Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, which is a miniature of Indonesia," said Leandro.

Finally, after undergoing a quarantine period, there were only six remaining participants who became finalists. They then entered the PPTSI grand final round which was held at Taman Ismal Marzuki, Jakarta, on December 18, 2023. In this round, Leandro managed to secure 2nd place overall.


Want to develop BTS

Flashing back, since he was still a student in the Information Systems Study Program at the Faculty of Computers, Presuniv, Leandro has been actively participating in several competitions. Leandro is a student from the class of 2018. The competitions he has participated in include, Putra Putri Batik Karawang 2019 which was organized by the Mojang Jajaka Karawang Association and the Tourism and Culture Office, Karawang Regency. At this event, Leandro was named Putra Batik Karawang 2019.

Regarding his participation in the 2023 PPTSI event, Leandro said that it started with his interest in endek cloth from Bali. On the Island of the Gods, endek cloth is considered sacred and is widely used in various ceremonial activities at temples. Over time, this fabric is also widely used for school uniforms, office uniforms, and other uniforms. Now, endek cloth is also widely used as material for making fans, bags, and various decorative knick-knacks.

After taking part in PPTSI 2023, Leandro was inspired. He wanted to understand more deeply about woven cloth and songket in Bali. Also, in all of the other Provinces in Indonesian. Apart from that, through this event Leandro has also got a platform to carry out the plan that he is developing namely Berjelajah dengan Tenun & Songket or what he calls the BTS Program for short. He said, "I hope that I can continue to invite all Indonesian people to be proud and participate in preserving woven wasta and songket cloth through the BTS program, as well as the work program at Putra Putri Weaving and Songket Indonesia." (Nadiya Dwi Anggrayani, PR team. Photo: Doc. Simplisius Leandro Okhotan).