Published: 12 Feb 2024

As the year comes to a close, specifically on December 21, 2023, the Mechanical Engineering Study Program of the Faculty of Engineering at President University (Presuniv) received good news. The program successfully obtained an Excellent accreditation from the Independent Accreditation Agency for Engineering (LAMTek), marking the highest level of achievement.

This accomplishment holds significant importance for the Mechanical Engineering Program, as well as for the Faculty of Engineering and Presuniv as a whole. According to Dr.Eng Lydia Anggraini, ST, M.Eng., Head of the Mechanical Engineering Study Program, there are several key points regarding the attainment of the Excellent accreditation. Firstly, "By obtaining the Excellent accreditation, it is a recognition that the quality of education in the Mechanical Engineering Study Program meets the standards set by LAMTek and national standards."

Secondly, with the Excellent accreditation, the sustainability of the program is further guaranteed. Lydia explains, "A program might face closure if the quality of its educational delivery is subpar. Achieving Excellent accreditation proves that the quality of education in the Mechanical Engineering Study Program is excellent. Therefore, the likelihood of closure is minimal, ensuring its sustainability."

Thirdly, Lydia emphasizes that students feel more confident studying in the Mechanical Engineering Study Program at Presuniv. "This is because the quality of education is guaranteed and aligns with LAMTek standards. Therefore, the course delivery in the Mechanical Engineering Study Program is as excellent as that of any other university, including state universities. Students no longer need to search for alternative places to study Mechanical Engineering," she elaborates.


Preference in Career Opportunities

There are additional advantages for students who enroll in a program that has achieved an Excellent accreditation, especially concerning their careers in the professional world. Lydia explains, "If students aspire to work as Civil Servants (Pegawai Negeri Sipil or PNS), those who graduate from programs with Excellent accreditation will be prioritized over those accredited as Very Good or Good. This is advantageous for graduates seeking PNS positions." Excellent accreditation, Lydia continues, also benefits students who wish to pursue higher education.

This situation differs for graduates aiming for careers in private companies. In the private sector, Lydia notes, whether graduates are accepted or not depends largely on the results of tests conducted by the company.

The journey of the Mechanical Engineering Study Program to achieve Excellent accreditation was quite extensive. Lydia recounts that all accreditation documents were submitted to LAMTek in May 2023. Subsequently, assessors conducted a visitation two months later, on July 4-5, 2023. "Two assessors came. Although the schedule was initially three days, the evaluation and assessment process practically took place over two days," Lydia reveals.

After the visitation, obtaining Excellent accreditation was not immediate. Lydia explains, "Following the visitation, the assessors provided feedback in August 2023, including requesting additional supporting documents. Therefore, we had to respond to the assessors' feedback and supplement it with various other documents."

Finally, after undergoing this process, on December 21, 2023, the results of the evaluation and assessment were released, confirming that the Mechanical Engineering Study Program at Presuniv had successfully achieved Excellent accreditation. This achievement, Lydia expresses, aligns with the hard work put in by the Mechanical Engineering Study Program team and the full support from the Faculty of Engineering and Presuniv. (JB Susetiyo, PR team. Photo: JB Susetiyo).