Published: 15 Jan 2024

To achieve her goals, Jennifer, class of 2023, is not satisfied with just studying in class. She also often took part in various competitions. Armed with her experience participating in various competitions, Jennifer was finally able to achieve some success in two different competitions.

The first competition was the Global Millennial Model United Nations or Global Millennial MUN which is organized by Globy.id. This is a startup company from Indonesia that focuses on improving the quality of education through providing various informal education and global self-development platforms for the younger generation. The second competition was the Indonesian Parliament Model which is organized by Himpunan Mahasiswa Ilmu Politik, University of Indonesia, or also known as MIP UI.

The Global Millennial MUN, which was held on the 14th-15th of October 2023, is a simulation of a council session at the United Nations (UN). In this competition, participants will be selected to represent a country that is facing certain problems. "I have to appear in the debate to voice the interests of the country I represent," said Jennifer.

Meanwhile, MIP UI which was held on Friday-Saturday, 1st-2nd December 2023 is a competition that simulates a situation where students replicate the functions and work systems of the DPR RI. In the event, participants will be involved in various debates, discussions and negotiations to overcome various problems. For this session, the topic of the debate was "Draft Law on Asset Confiscation".


Verbal Commendation

Taking part in these two competitions made Jennifer understand the conference process at the UN Council and the deliberation system in in the Indonesian parliament better. The two competitions allowed her to better understand how complex internal legislative processes, public policy decision-making, and the critical issues facing a country are, as well as external challenges and the intricacies of negotiations on the global stage.

While studying at Presuniv, Jennifer took part in various Model United Nations (MUN) sessions, before finally taking part in the Global Millennial MUN. This not only provides more experience, but also makes her more experienced in participating in MUN sessions. She said, "All of this has made me able to develop various listening skills, understand the system, develop study guides, and understand the position of the country I represent better."

All these skills ultimately led Jennifer to win the Verbal Commendation award at the Global Millennial MUN event. Jenniffer explained, "This award is given to participants who are able to combine effective communication, diplomacy, collaboration, and are able to take a proactive approach to the conference process."

Jennifer has participated in MUN competitions several times. However, this was her first time taking part in the MIP competition held by the University of Indonesia. "The competition system at MIP UI is something new and foreign to me," she said. The difference in this system, she continued, is quite surprising.


Afraid and Depressed

Jennifer shares her story. Because the Global Millennial MUN was held online, she felt that the tension in the competition was not high enough. This is different from the MIP UI competition which is held offline. “I was very tense,” Jennifer said. Apart from being offline, that was because the MIP UI competition system was still new and unfamiliar to her. “I felt very challenged,” Jennifer said.

Even so, Jennifer admitted that at first she felt afraid, nervous and stressed when she saw how intelligent and clever the participants were in conveying their opinions. However, as the intensity increased, she became increasingly motivated to be able to convey her arguments better. The MIP UI event, she said, was a very impressive experience for her.

In the Global Millennial MUN event, Jennifer and her group represented Sweden and discussed the topic of adolescent mental health. This topic, said Jennifer, is in line with SDG3. “Every country in the world needs to have equal mental health conditions,” she said.

Meanwhile, at the MIP UI event, Jennifer and her team reviewed how important the Asset Confiscation Bill is. She and her team promoted the idea that corruptors are not afraid of punishment, but are afraid of becoming poor.

By participating in this competition, Jennifer learned that there are many laws and regulations intertwined with the drafting of the Asset Confiscation Bill. If the bill is to be passed, it needs to go through various complicated procedures. "From there, I came to understand how difficult and complicated law enforcement is in Indonesia," she said. Apart from that, there are many parties who will be involved in the law enforcement process. "They may manipulate data and hide some of their assets so that it cannot be confiscated by the state," said Jennifer


Honorary Nomination

At the MIP UI event, even though she had prepared and studied to take part in the competition, the very different competition system meant that Jennifer was not ready to face the competition on the first day. This condition made Jennifer reorganize her preparations in the evening so she could compete better the next day.

The results are not in vain. Jennifer and her team were able to perform better. As a reward, at the end of the competition, Jennifer won an "Honorary Nomination". Again, Jennifer explains, “An honorary nomination is an honorable recognition or award. This is given for various reasons. Which may include, recognition of someone's contribution in a field, extraordinary achievements, or extraordinary performance."

Jennifer admitted that she was surprised when she received the award. She said again, "This Honorary Nomination is a way to publicly acknowledge and celebrate the positive impact someone has in their respective fields." Knowing how her efforts were appreciated in the competition, Jennifer was very proud of herself. "I never thought I would win the nomination," she stated.

Even though she has had some success in two competitions, Jennifer has no plans to stop participating in various competitions. She said, “If skills are not practiced frequently, over time they can degrade.” Currently, said Jennifer, she wants to focus on participating in the Magang Merdeka program, while continuing to develop herself to achieve her future goal: to become a diplomat. (Graciella Valencia, PR Team. Photo: Jennifer)