Published: 12 Jan 2024

Maria Puspita Dewi Sinaga won first place in Bintang Radio 2023 in the women's category. The event wasorganized by the Republic of Indonesia Radio Public Broadcasting Institute (LPP RRI) in 2023. Maria is a student of the Law Study Program, Faculty of Humanities, President University (Presuniv), class of 2023.

At the Bintang Radio event, Maria appeared representing RRI Jakarta. The final round of the national level competition was held on Saturday 2 December 2023, at the Kasih Tree Field, Mega Mas Area, Manado, North Sulawesi.

Maria revealed her reasons for participating in Bintang Radio 2023. "My motivation for participating in the national level competition was to upgrade my singing skills. Apart from that, by taking part in the competition, I hope to gain valuable experience in the world of entertainment. I hope this experience can be a stepping stone for my future in the music industry."


An Extremely competitive event

Maria then explained how the selection process worked, before being able to appear at the national-level Radio Star event. She Initially had to participate in the event for RRI Jakarta. In that event, Maria managed to place second.

The participant who won first place in the RRI Jakarta competition then withdrew, Maria then replaced him in the national level competition. She was RRI Jakarta's representative in the women's category at the national Radio Star competition in Manado. At the national level, there were 136 participants in the men's and women's categories who took part in the competition, or there were 60 participants for each category. They are RRI representatives from various cities throughout Indonesia. Says Maria, “Competition was very fierce.”

The result? Of the 60 participants in the women's category, 15 where selected to advance to the next round. The selection process continued. Of the 15 participants, finally, only five remained in each category. Maria qualified in the top five for the women's category.

Theatrical Action

Maria said that when she was competing with 15 other participants, she performed one of the songs that had been determined by the jury, namely Bukan untuk Dimiliki by Mytha Lestari. She said again, "I am sure that every participant who passes to the top five will have great vocal quality and voice character. So, I chose to show a different strategy, by presenting theatrical action."

What did Maria do? In accordance with the lyrics of the song, she also brought a red rose. When singing and getting to the lyrics of the song I've been broken, grown and then broken again, Maria broke the stem of the red rose she was carrying and threw it on the floor. "That's my way of presenting a theatrical impression," she said, enthusiastically.

Apparently, this theatrical action convinced the jury. So, Maria qualified for the Grand Final stage which was only attended by five participants in each category. At this stage Maria really wanted to show off her voice vocal technique skills to and take advantage of her wide vocal range. To accomplish that she chose the same song again, Bukan untuk Dimiliki.

Maria honestly said that at first, she was worried about her song choice. “Because of my busy schedule, I don't get enough rest. "That's why I was worried that I wouldn't be able to reach the high notes in the song," she said. Even so, Maria chose to face this risk.


Enter the Recording Studio

Apparently Maria's song choice was proven correct, while her worries were not proven. With this song choice, she was able to show off hes vocal quality, including her ability to reach high notes. The jury was amazed by Maria's performance, so they crowned her first place.

As the first-place winner, Maria received a cash prize of IDR 20 million. Apart from that, she will also enter the recording studio to sing Trakas' song entitled Ever Happy. Maria said, “The talent I have is a gift from God. It is my job to upgrade talent and develop it.” Still, according to Maria, every step to achieve achievement is a valuable investment for her future. “Success is not only about achieving the highest results but is also about the journey and the lessons learned. "The key is to focus on your goals, dare to take on challenges, and prove that achievement is the result of continuous effort," concluded Maria. (Lita Gabriella, PR team. Photo: Doc. Maria Puspita)