Event Date: 11 Apr 2015

Calling for ALL Presunivers and Alumni of President University,
Participate Yourself to the celebration of our University's 11th Anniversary!
It's only 50K for each Presunivers & Alumni and you will get:
• Free pass for 3Days of event: •> Color Run •> Edu Fair •> Celebration Night
• T-shirt for Color Run
• Snacks

So, submit your data (name, t-shirt size) and registration fee to your Class Leader NOW!!! For Alumni you can register to Bella 081223031910 (Bellafebriana - LINE ID)

Michelle 081372530330 (michellerusdi - LINE ID)
MJ 087792511223 (emjeh9 - LINE ID) - Dies Natalis 2015 -
The Day of Champion
For your Body, Mind, and Soul!