What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 04 Sep 2021

Richard Nico Lumanauw, an Industrial Engineering Study Program student batch 2018, President University (PresUniv), won third place in the Abang Mpok Kabupaten Bekasi, Thursday (26/8). The election of Abang Mpok Kabupaten Bekasi 2021 carried the spirit of caring for people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Richard admitted that he had known about the program since high school and dreamed of becoming Abang Mpok. Finally, his dream came true in 2021.

Richard said the reason for joining the Abang Mpok program was to impact the people of Bekasi Regency positively. “This event is in line with my life goal, which is to be proud of my birthplace. In the future, I will be involved a lot in promoting the culture of Bekasi Regency,” he said. In addition, Richard also outlined the requirements in the selection of Abang Mpok Kabupaten Bekasi, which are Bekasi Regency residents aged 17-22 years, have general knowledge and good knowledge about Bekasi Regency, and master foreign languages. In this regard, Richard admitted, he was used to speaking in English at PresUniv. So, the scheme of lectures in English at PresUniv really helped him participate in the selection process.

Then, Richard explained the two stages he went through. The first stage was the online interview process. The questions were about self-motivation, the development of vaccination in the Bekasi Regency, and the role of youth in voicing the vaccination movement. Selected participants will proceed to the second stage. "This stage has three processes, namely Focus Group Discussion (FGD), writing essays, and interviews, until finally being selected as the champion," he explained. As the third winner, Richard received a trophy and coaching money. After becoming a champion, Richard will promote the culture of Bekasi Regency through a work program that he is currently developing with his other colleagues. (Steven Chaniago, PR team. Photo: Richard)