Published: 25 Jun 2020

The Head of Management Study Program at President University, Dr. Dra. Genoveva, M.M., was invited as a speaker in a Guest Lecture held by the Faculty of Health, University of Muhammadiyah Gresik (UMG) in collaboration with President University (11/6). Presenting material entitled Entrepreneur Course: Theory and Business Practice, Genoveva shared the theory of entrepreneurship and experience as a lecturer as well as an entrepreneur to UMG Faculty of Health students. Not limited to UMG students, this guest lecture is open to students from various universities.

In her explanation, Genoveva mentioned four characteristics of entrepreneurs, namely dare to be different, dare to dream, being able to see opportunities, and understanding the current trends. She explained that in the midst of today's pandemic, demand for goods related to health services increased, for example, hand sanitizers, liquid soap, or wet tissue. By seeing this trend, an entrepreneur must be able to take initiatives and act innovatively to take advantage of this business opportunity.

Genoveva revealed that President University and UMG had established a good relationship through UMG's participation in sending articles to the FIRM Journal, President University Management Journal and AIA Journal, a journal of community service by President University.

Genoveva said that in the future, knowledge exchange will continue to be carried out. "Especially because they are members of the Faculty of Health, there is a possibility that a team of experts will share their knowledge about health, such as nutrition and diet during a pandemic to President University students," Genoveva said. (SL)



Ketua Prodi Manajemen President University Membawakan Kelas Entrepreneurship kepada Mahasiswa UMG


Ketua Program Studi Manajemen President University, Dr. Dra. Genoveva, M.M., menjadi pembicara dalam Kuliah Tamu yang diadakan oleh Fakultas Kesehatan Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik (UMG) bekerjasama dengan President University (11/6). Membawakan materi berjudul Entrepreneur Course, Theory and Business Practice, Genoveva membagikan teori dan pengalamannya sebagai dosen sekaligus wirausahawan kepada mahasiswa Fakultas Kesehatan UMG. Tidak terbatas pada mahasiswa UMG saja, kuliah tamu ini terbuka untuk mahasiswa dari berbagai universitas.

Dalam penjelasannya, Genoveva menyebutkan empat karakteristik wirausahawan, yaitu berani tampil beda, berani bermimpi, mampu melihat peluang, dan memahami tren. Ia menjelaskan bahwa di tengah pandemi, permintaan barang yang berkaitan dengan kesehatan meningkat, misalnya hand sanitizer, sabun cair, atau tissue basah. Dengan melihat tren ini, seorang wirausahawan harus mampu mengambil inisiatif dan bertindak secara inovatif untuk memanfaatkan peluang bisnis ini.  

Genoveva mengungkapkan bahwa President University dan UMG telah menjalin hubungan yang baik dengan UMG yang secara rutin mengirimkan artikel ke Jurnal FIRM, jurnal Manajemen President University serta Jurnal AIA, jurnal pengabdian kepada masyarakat milik President University.

Genoveva menyebutkan bahwa di masa yang akan datang, pertukaran ilmu akan terus dilakukan. "Terutama karena mereka Fakultas Kesehatan, ada kemungkinan tim ahli dari mereka akan membagikan ilmu mengenai kesehatan, misalnya gizi dan diet selama pandemi," ujar Genoveva. (SL)