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Postgraduate Diploma (PgD)

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Frequently Asked Question

The PgD duration is only 1 year (a total of 6 modules or 120 credits). The students needs to complete the MBA program within 2 years from first date of registration (additional 2 modules / PgD + MBA = 8 modules).
PgD is the abbreviation for Postgraduate Diploma. Postgraduate Diploma is a degree-bearing professional certification that has been around in some countries such as: UK, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. Academically, we can say PgD is situated in a level above a bachelors degree but lower than a masters degree. Though, the modules you learn in a PgD program is similar to a Master Degree Program but minus submission of a thesis. In some countries, like UK, it is treated to be on par with Masters degree or level 7 (out of 8).
Getting a professional certification is very beneficial for an individual in order to separate themselves from the rest that only have a Bachelors degree certificate. Say there is a upper position that opened in a company and the individual that has the extra certification will definitely be considered as priority by the companies’ HR decision makers. PgD in Business and Management is also beneficial to people from non-management backgrounds, such as employees with IT or Engineering backgrounds who are being promoted to managerial level; therefore they require a different set of skills. Unlike similar professional certification programs which only offer certificates showing their competencies upon completion of the programs, PgD is degree bearing program (typically by adding "PgD" or "Pg Dip." after one's full name).
1 long weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) in London campus or 2 long weekends in KL campus. After that students are expected to return to their home country for final project. Over the same weekend guidance and instructions will be given to students on final project as well. Each student will be assigned a supervisor who will guide them on their final project.
All assessment for PgD modules as for now are assignment based. Which are to be completed in 2 months including final assignments for each modules.
Students are required to attend lectures/classes at President University Cikarang every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (3 mandatory meetings only per module / weekend class). For corporate, we are able to accommodate for in house training in Jakarta.
Students have to successfully complete research methodology module and submit final project. Research Methodology module is assignment based which students will finish and submit online.
Acceptance of D3 certificate holders will be a case by case approval. A Diploma (3 years) holder with 2 years management experiences can be considered for PgD. They need to submit a comprehensive CV along with work reference letter. Once the student has successfully completed PgD, the admission department will look at a case by case basis for entry to MBA Top Up.
MBA Top Up must be completed within 2 years after first date of registration. Example: if student completes PgD in 1 year, they have another year to complete MBA. If student completed PgD in 1 year then waited 4 months to Top Up. They have 8 months to complete the MBA.
Final project is submitted online from your home country.
All modules are assignment based.
Students will study at President University or President Development Center, Cikarang Campus.
No, students are not required to be at LSC campus other than the 3 mandatory meetings. Further guidance and assistance of final project will be done through skype/email. If student wish to stay longer in the UK or Malaysia they are welcome to as long as they don’t breach their visa length of stay.
All LSC degrees are sent through post. Students can enroll for optional graduation. PgD optional graduation can be arranged in Indonesia. And Top Up MBA students can join graduation ceremony in London or KL.
At the start of each intake, your marketing portion will be reimbursed after LSC receive the initial deposit of GBP 2,100 Refund Terms & Conditions: please follow on application form
  • Fees will be refunded if the student’s application is declined by the School.
  • Once the student has commenced the course, no refund is given.
Eg: Samuel Hartono Bsc., PgD (LSC) or PgD (UK). Basically they can design it as they like it.
Students are expected to attend 100% of the classes. But if not possible to pass they need an attendance rate of 80% for each modules. Which is 3 out of 5 classes are the minimum they need to attend per module.
If students fail their assignment, they have one attempt to re-submit their assignment with an additional fee of £100.
As of now, no IELTS is required for Top Up MBA. However, student quality needs to be monitored from time-to-time and in the future an English placement test or IELTS might be needed.
As agreed, PDC will give first intake students a discount of £1,200. Where student are required to pay £2,750 for PgD program. It can be installed 2 times of £2,100 and £650.
Students can get learning materials from LSC student portal and online library.

The fees for the PgD program is £3,950, and the President Development Center (PDC) is providing partial scholarship amount to £1,200. Thus the total investment to complete the program (1 year) is around Rp. 55,000,000 (£2,100 + Rp.13,000,000). The initial investment of £2,100 will be paid to London School of Commerce (LSC) in UK for administration purpose, and the rest Rp. 13,000,000 will be paid to PDC either in cash or installments.

Modules to be taken are as follows:
  1. Managing Human Capital and Leadership (MHCL)
  2. Marketing Management (MM)
  3. Financial Analysis, Management, and Enterepreneurship (FAME)
  4. Strategic Management (SM)
The participants get to choose 2 out of 3 elective modules:
  1. International Marketing Management (IMM)
  2. Corporate Finance (CF)
  3. International Business (IB)
To complete the PGD program, it takes a total of 6 modules of 120 credits (1 year).
The PgD Program will start on the 6th of November 2015. You can enroll now by providing the following:
  1. The Scan of your Bachelor (S1) Diploma / D3 Diploma (with substantial working experience).
  2. The Scan of your ID Card (KTP).
  3. The Scan of your CV.
  4. The Scan of your Application Form. You can download the application form here: PgD Application Form
And send all the scans to
Requirement to Join PgD
  1. S1/D4 Graduates. D3 with substantial working experience will be considered.
  2. Willing to learn in English (tutorial in Bahasa will be given as a complement).
President Development Centre and President University
Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, Jababeka Education Park, Kota Jababeka, Cikarang Utara, Bekasi 17550
Tel: +62-21 8910 9762 – 63 Ext: 106
Fax. +62-21 8910 9768

0812 8193 0729 (Natsir)
0813 8092 3598 (Randy)
0822 3183 4028 (Imam)
0821 1115 3927 (Agnes)
0812 9114 4121 (Opie)
The brochure of this program can be downloaded here.
For more information about this program, please send your email to
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Professional Outcomes

  • Project Manager
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Lecturer

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