What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 08 Nov 2018

President University Students achieved the first place in several prestigious competitions, which are: First place in Duta Generasi Berencana Kabupaten Bekasi 2018, first place in Lomba Karya Tulis Ilmiah Nasional Environmental Responsibility 2018, and first place in Lomba Karya Tulis Ilmiah Nasional Kemaritiman 2018.

Three Environmental Engineering students batch 2016, Rizka Dwi Apriliani, Aghnia Ilmi, and Hiqmatus Sholichah won the first place of national scientific writing competition “Environmental Responsibility 2018” at Universitas Andalas on 2-4 November 2018.

Angela Shinta Raharjo Hadi (Management 2017) and Joseph Satrio Utomo (Management 2017) has succeeded to be awarded “Duta Generasi Berencana Kabupaten Bekasi” at Hotel Ayola on 30-31 October. The event aimed to choose ambassadors for family planning that will represent Bekasi in the regional round in West Java next year.

Muhammad Ilham Razak (International Relations 2016) and La Ode Rifaldi Nedan Prakasa (International Relations 2016) won the first place on national scientific writing on Maritime organized byb Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of Indonesia on 2-4 November. He presented a paper titled “Upaya Optimalisasi Pengelolaan Logistik Maritim Melalui Integrasi Revolusi Industri 4.0 Dalam Rangka Meningkatkan Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Nasional”.