Published: 27 Jan 2017

CIKARANG, INDONESIA – Twenty chosen students of President University from varied majors gathered at Jababeka Golf and Country Club (26/1). They were having a rare opportunity, being mentored directly by Setyono Djuandi Darmono, The Chairman of Jababeka Group and the Founder of President University.

“President University students have to be dare to be entrepreneurs, contributing in making a strong middle class and reducing the social discrepancy in Indonesia. I’m willing to pay attention to you, to give you guidance, and the facilities needed to be one great entrepreneur.”, said Darmono to the students attending the event.

In this occasion, S.D. Darmono also shared his experiences when he was in the collegiate level; a spoiled young boy came from Magelang to Bandung. He said that in the first six weeks of his collegiate level he had to go through an orientation period and military training that successfully changed his life.

He shared that while he was in college he took language courses and spinning courses (spinning cotton to clothes) after college every weekday and sold materials for clothing every weekend.

“To be an entrepreneur and good salesperson there is one character that is really important to have and that is to be not ashamed. Being a good listener and giving attention to the customers are the others”, Darmono said.

Darmono finished his collegiate in 3 years, obtaining both theoretical knowledge from the college and practical skills through the courses and selling equipment for making clothes. When he graduated, he accepted offer from ICI Group, a company based in England, having unusual salary for a fresh graduate – three times higher even than ITB graduates. From that on, his career went up in textile industry until he decided to move to property business.

He affirmed that practical skills are really important for college students; therefore President University obligates its students to have internship to gain experiences even before graduating. (AA)