14 Nov 2019

President University Idol 2019

President University Idol is finally back!

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07 Nov 2019

National Electro Day "Together We Light Up the World"

President University Major Association of Electrical Engineering presents National Electro Day "Together We Light Up the World"

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24 Oct 2019

Guest Lecture: Dekriminalisasi Pers

Communication Study Program and Law Study Program President University present Guest Lecture: Dekriminalisasi Pers

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17 Oct 2019

Presidential Lecture: Bela Negara dan Penguatan Nilai Pancasila

The presidential lecture will be open for the public and have the main focus on state security, emphasizing the values of Pancasila as the basis of the state and will be delivered by one of the Indonesian national figures.

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11 Oct 2019

Alumni Expert Talks

How much do you know about Talent Management Challenges? And are you curious about HR in the Age of AI and Disruption?

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03 Oct 2019

Sindikat Ragam Karya 2019

Let's come and join the biggest art festival in President University!

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19 Sep 2019

VCD Alumni Sharing Session: “Mobile Gaming Opportunity”

Visual Communication Design (VCD) alumni sharing session with the topic discussion: “Mobile Gaming Opportunity”

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18 Sep 2019

Alumni Sharing Session: “Blockchain Fundamentals and Career Choices” and “Realizing the Startup’s Potential"

If you are interested in learning more about blockchain fundamentals and startup, this is the best time for you to learn it all!

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