What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 16 Mar 2023

Monday, March 13, 2023, the Faculty of Engineering, President University (Presuniv), held the Technology and Science in Life (TSL) 2023 exhibition in the lobby of Building A, Presuniv Campus in the Jababeka industrial area, Cikarang. This competition was intended for high school students from various regions throughout Indonesia with five sub-themes: Automation for Future Technology, Applied Technology in Environmental Sustainability, Physics Instrument for Life, Innovative Design and Ergonomic Design, From Today’s Science to Friendly and Accessible Technology for Disabilities. Through the TSL 2023 exhibition, it is hoped that High School students will get to know Presuniv better. In addition, said Muhamad Rizkyawan Fauzi, Project Manager of the TSL 2023, “We want to invite high school students to sharpen their critical thinking, learning how to create future products through hands-on practice at Presuniv and improving their public speaking skills through presentations.”

Apart from the exhibition, TSL 2023 also held a seminar in the Theater Room, 2nd floor, Fablab Jababeka, Presuniv, with the theme Technology and Science in Life 2023: Knowledge-Based Big Data Analytics. The seminar was moderated by Mia Galina ST, MT, a lecturer in the Electrical Engineering Study Program, with speaker Arjon Turnip, Ph. D, Director of IEEE Indonesia, and Dr. Antonius Suhartomo, Head of Electrical Engineering Study Program. In his remarks, Anton said, “This event aims to support High School students in Indonesia helping them to become a superior generation in 2045, increasing their self-confidence, showing them how to implement their ideas, and boosting the creative work of the participants.”

In the 2023 TSL competition, Al Ma’ruf Kudus NU High School won third place by creating the Integrated Biopore Biopores System (TORI) Integrated Trash Can, a technology to decompose organic waste by breeding maggots in trash cans as well as soil nutrition. The MTC Group, SMK Negeri 2 Palembang, won the second winner, which made a GPS Tracking Emergency Box (GTEB) that functions as a tracking and safety device for motorbikes. First place was won by Mekatro 1 Group, SMK Negeri 2 Palembang, which created Simple Plant (Simplant), an environmentally friendly technology operated via a smartphone to care for and maintain plants, equipped with soil moisture, temperature, and light analysis features on plants. In addition, the TMKTZ group, SMKN SUMSEL, was also chosen as the most favorite group by creating the Healthy Box (H.B) product, a digital medical check-up tool to check the temperature, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and uric acid. (Keren Gracelie, PR Team. Doc: Keren Gracelie).