What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 21 Dec 2022

Friday (16/12), SetSail BizAccel, President University (Presuniv) business incubator, held a Hybrid Business Plan Competition with the theme Promoting Innovation from Education and Institutions. Nineteen teams from all over Indonesia attended the national-level competition in the university category. The judges in this event were Felix Goenadhi, S. Psi., M. Par., lecturer at the Presuniv Business Faculty, Fajrin Aziz, Pandahos Co-Founder, and Klemens B. Rahardja, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author & Mentor.

According to Rendika Nugraha, MBA, Director of Setsail BizAccel, "With this activity, it is hoped that the younger generation can train themselves in entrepreneurship. This event is also expected to be able to encourage young people who have a high entrepreneurial spirit to be able to develop their creative ideas." The winners in this competition were 1st place Aneta Team - Brawijaya University (Sub-theme: Technology), 2nd place Bisca Team - Syiah Kuala University (Sub-theme: Culinary), and 3rd Place Friends of the Law Team - President University (Sub-theme: Social Enterprise). (Lita Gabriella, PR team. Photo: Setsail BizAccel)