What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 08 Sep 2021


Manasye Mahayoni, S.H., M.H., a lecturer of Law Study Program, President University (PresUniv), was once again trusted to be the Vice Chairman of Dewan Pengupahan Bekasi Regency for the term 2020-2023, Monday (30/8). Dewan Pengupahan is a non-structural institution that includes elements of the government, employers' organizations and trade unions, academics and experts.
Mahayoni explained, “The vice chairman is an ex officio position. I represent an independent group of academics.” In accordance with the regulation of the Minister of Manpower, the position is appointed upon the recommendation of the Head of the Manpower Office. Mahayoni told about his election. He said, after the evaluation process, he was asked if he was willing to extend his tenure. The reason is that because he has served as Vice Chairman for three years, he is considered to have mastered the issue of wages. And, in Bekasi Regency, this position is considered crucial, because there is the largest industrial area in Southeast Asia, namely the Jababeka industrial area.
Mahayoni said, “The existence of academics in Dewan Pengupahan is expected not only to mediate, but also to be able to produce good concepts in preparing the Regency Minimum Wage. Don't let the workers or businessmen in Bekasi Regency suffer." Mahayoni also hopes that the government can play a bigger role. For example, by providing affordable housing area around industrial area or cheap transportation, so that workers can live better. (Lita Gabriella, PR team. Photo: Lita Gabriella).