Faculty of Business

The Faculty of Business provides high-quality education that ensures our graduates become successful professionals or entrepreneurs in their chosen fields of interest.

  • Our core areas of expertise are in the fields of management, business administration, accounting, and actuarial science.
  • Embedded in these four core areas are entrepreneurship studies, practice, and application. Our goal is to produce the country’s top entrepreneurs with leadership skills.
  • English instruction is our core strength. We provide extra tutorials to our students to improve their English.
  • We have an active internship program where your sons or daughters will receive the best mentors and coaches.
  • Our faculty members are highly-qualified and graduated from the best universities, overseas and domestic.
  • Our faculty has the higher number of foreign students that collaborates with local students in academic study and curricular activities, ensuring multi-cultural learning.
  • Our faculty has produced top alumni in banking and finance, construction and manufacturing, consulting, hotel, retail industries, etc.
  • Our faculty has produced high-achieving students who have won national and international competitions, creating pride and high reputation for President University.
  • Our faculty continues to have active engagement with industries to help bring our curriculum aligned with industry needs and changes.


To be a world class Faculty of Business in 2030, respected by the industry and the society


1. Carry out education and teaching in the business field by involving professionals in order to align it with changes in the industry

2. Carry out applied research that has an impact on industry and the development of business science

3. Carry out community service that is relevant for community and environmental development

4. To encourage innovation and entrepreneurial spirit among business faculty lecturers and students



Majors / Study Programs

The Accounting study program offers four concentrations to prepare the students in entering the profession, which are:

  • Auditing
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Capital Market

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The Business Administration study program offers six concentrations to prepare the students in entering the profession, which are: 

  • Digital Business
  • Global Business
  • Retail Business
  • Wealth Management and Financial Planning
  • Family Business
  • Hospitality and Tourism Business

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The Management study program offers four concentrations to prepare the students in entering the profession: 

  • Banking & Finance
  • Digital & Contemporary Marketing
  • Human capital Management
  • International Business

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Actuarial Science is a study of mathematics, statistics, and economics to assess financial risks in the insurance and finance fields. Actuarial science applies the mathematics of probability and statistics to define, analyze and solve the financial problems of uncertain future events
Actuary is a professional degree for someone who has passed the examination. Actuary degree are issued by professional organizations such as SOA (the Society of Actuaries)  and CAS (the Casualty Actuarial Society). In Indonesia actuary degree is issued by Persatuan Aktuaris Indonesia (PAI). There are two levels for actuaries in Indonesia, these are ASAI and FSAI.


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President University's Agribusiness Study Program has the following key features: (1). Studying how to develop agribusiness opportunities utilizing limited land resources that are also economically, socially, and ecologically sustainable; (2). Learning how to apply local wisdom that already exists in the agricultural business while adding the latest digital technology; (3) Studying and developing a side business from the agricultural business, to increase the added value of the agricultural business itself, namely agricultural tourism; (4) Comprehensive agribusiness analysis (from upstream to downstream) including waste generated from consumption activities; (5) The collaboration of the parties is built and expanded, to achieve common goals, namely sustainable agriculture.

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Dean Faculty of Business

Maria Jacinta Arquisola, B.A., Ph.D., MHRM

Message from Dean Faculty of Business

Come and join the Faculty of Business. You will achieve your goal to become a top-class graduate, professional, or entrepreneur in less than 4 years. We will ensure you have the skills and competence to excel in your chosen career or profession.  With our curriculum, combined with a supportive and multicultural English environment, you will learn desirable leadership qualities to become a successful professional, entrepreneur, and future leader of this country.


Maria Jacinta Arquisola, BA, PhD., MHRM


Dean, Faculty of Business