Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, President University, consists of 5 study programs: Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Civil Engineering.

The faculty members are doctorate and master degree holders, graduated from universities at overseas and in Indonesia. These faculty members come from both academic and practical background. This is to ensure that the students can obtain both the academic edge to excell  in analytical and theoretical challenges, and practical edge to perform in practical and implementation fields.

All lecturers are commited to the teaching, research, and community development, regarding the students as the center of the activities. The methods used in conveying the knowledge and attitude is always evolving, adapting along the development of time and technology.

Faculty of Engineering maintains collaborations with companies in the surrounding industrial estates. This provides the students with the opportunity to study, to intern, or to conduct final project researches at the companies. By the experience gain during such internship and final project research, the waiting time for a graduate to get her first job is less than 3 months.


To be a leading Faculty of Engineering in producing graduates who excel in innovating, entrepreneuring, and contributing to the global societies in 2030.


  • Establishing a firm foundation on which positive personalities of honesty, discipline, ethics, and integrity are upheld, to develop professionalism
  • Organizing higher education which is based on applied science and technology with the emphasis on practical activity in laboratories and industries
  • Conducting research which is innovative and relevant to the needs of the industries
  • Contributing high quality, effective, sustainable service to the community
  • Establishing mutually beneficial collaboration with various industries and institutions, nationally and internationally, to perform the Three Duties of Higher Education.

Majors / Study Programs

The Civil Engineering study program offers some concentrations to prepare the students in entering the profession:

  • Construction Management
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Structural Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering

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The Industrial Engineering study program offers three concentrations to prepare the students in entering the profession: 

  • Manufacturing System
  • Technopreneurship
  • Logistics and Supply Chain

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The Mechanical Engineering study program offers four concentrations to prepare the students in entering the profession: 

  • Automotive Manufacture
  • Energy Conversion 
  • Materials
  • Mechatronics

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The Electrical Engineering study program offers four concentrations to prepare the students in entering the profession:

  • Control Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Electronic and Embedded Systems

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An applied science which studies various preventive, curatives and also managerial measures that can be carried out to save the environment include natural resources whose scope includes water, soil, air, and environmental health through engineering approaches.


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President University's Architecture Study Program is designed to produce architect graduates who not only have the required architectural skills but who also have an entrepreneurial spirit, international competitiveness, multicultural exposure, who are socially responsible, and who can become professionals in architecture and other fields. PresUniv Architecture Study Program graduates are prepared and graduate with superior skills, They can respond to urban environmental issues, focus on sustainability and green building techniques, in both industrial environment and in urban environments, Our graduates are  taught how to both respect and on how to utilize local wisdom.

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Dean Faculty of Engineering

Dr.-Ing. Erwin Sitompul, M.Sc

Message from Dean Faculty of Engineering

My warmest greetings to all students of the Faculty of Engineering, President University! I also greet all prospective students who are considering to join the Faculty of Engineering!!

I am very proud, to present the Study Programs of Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Civil Engineering as the member of the Faculty of Engineering. The academic year 2019-2020 will be the time for all study programs to settle and to reap the benefits of implementing the new curriculum 2 years ago. This new curriculum accommodates new and revised lectures, new lecture distribution in each semester, extended length of internship and thesis/ final project.

All these changes have the objectives to equip you to cope with the increasing skill requirements given the industries, to give you more time to nurture and develop your knowledge, and to prepare you to be able to compete globally while keep caring for the environment.

The integrated Entrepreneurship track, available to be chosen at the beginning of the second year, will be very suitable for you who have strong motivation to move forward, to be a trendsetter, seek chances and convert them to realities. You can be independent persons who can help others by your idea and strong belief in a field of business you are interested in.

I am sure that within you, you have the quality to become the future leaders. It is now your responsibility to ignite this quality, as you grow in your knowledge and attitude along your study in President University. Engineering is a synonym of solution, so in whatever situations and challenges you encounter, always persistently try to find the answer. That is what the society needs from us.

Let us face the future with enthusiasm and optimism, as we move forward and progress in contributing for global society.

Best regards,

Erwin Sitompul

Dean, Faculty of Engineering