Purwanto, ST, MM, PhD (Cand) is a teacher and who has a career in the Faculty of Business President University, Indonesia for seven years with a specialization in teaching in the field of Finance, Statistics, Mathematics of Business and Research Methodology.

He had graduated Bachelor Degree in Engineering and Magister Management at Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia. Last Education Ph.D Islamic Finance Padjajaran University, Indonesia. He currently serves as Associate Professor.

He was the Director Extension Program at President University, Production Manager at PT. Jaya Indah Casting (Sanyo Group Companies), Indonesia, Trainer ISO 9000 & 14000 Series. He is the author of National and International Journal, presenter and moderator some International Conferences at Gadjah Mada University, Universitas Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Telkom University, Seoul, Manila and others. He currently does as Editorial Board International Journal of Horizon Research Publishing.


Mathematic of Business, Business Statistic, Production & Operation Management, Banking and Finance, Research Methodology.


  • Doctor of Science Management, Padjajaran University, Islamic Finance, 2015

  • Magister Management, Gadjah Mada University, Strategic Management, 2007

  • Bachelor, Krisnadwipayana University, Jakarta, Majoring Electrical Engineering, 1996

  • D3 Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Majoring Electrical Engineering, 1995

Publication ()

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  • Purwanto, ST., MM and Zeflin Angga, Analysis of Factors Affecting Foreign Direct Investment Mineral Mining Sector in Indonesia, Authors a Book, cooperate by LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing is a trademark of OmniScriptum GmbH & Co. KG Heinrich-Böcking-Straße 6-8 D-66121 Saarbrücken

Dr. Purwanto, S.T.,M.M

President University Campus, Jababeka Education Park, Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, Kota Jababeka, Cikarang Baru, Bekasi 17550, Indonesia.

Telephone : +62813 8061 9254

Email : purwanto@president.ac.id