PresUniv in Pictures

Published: 22 Jun 2021

Last Friday (21/5), all employees and resident assistant mentor students held a Healthy & Clean Friday activity in the President University Student Housing (PUSH) area. This activity has been routinely organizing since 2017. This activity aims to increase a sense of togetherness and keep the environment clean and healthy. Healthy & Clean Friday activities also include exercise/walking, community service, and volleyball and basketball. The hope that this activity can regularly hold to strengthen the relationship between PresUniv families. The event was then closed by eating tumpeng with Manasye Mahayoni, SH, MH, a lecturer at the Law Study Program, President University.(Lita Gabriella, team PR. Photo: Anwari Hilmi)

All PresUniv staff held a briefing before starting the activities.

PreUniv staff cleaning the field in the dormitory area.

Students watering the plants in the dormitory.

Students cleaning the streets along the river in the dormitory area.

Manasye Mahayoni with Puspa, Resident Assistant Dormitory, from the Communication Study Program batch 2020.