Published: 25 Nov 2022

The war between Russia and Ukraine still shows no sign of abating. However, the effects of the war are starting to be felt in various countries, including Indonesia.

Why did the war between the two countries increase the price of food in Indonesia and several other countries? The term "butterfly effect", coined by Edward Norton Lorenz, is well known. He was referring to how flapping a butterfly's wings in the jungles of Brazil can produce a tornado in Texas. Minor changes to conditions at the start can drastically change a system in the long run.

The butterfly effect also occurs in the world economic system due to war. Of course, war is not a tiny initial change. The war was a significant initial change.

That is a fragment of three paragraphs written by Dr Suwinto Johan, MM, MH, and published in the opinion column on CNBC Indonesia ( Suwinto Johan, a lecturer in the Management Study Program at President University (PresUniv), likes to write. He has been doing it since childhood. His passion for writing and, of course, doing research has led to him being listed as having published more than 50 papers in various journals indexed by Sinta (Science and Technology Index).

Sinta is a portal for a national journal indexed and managed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. In addition, Suwinto has also published eight scientific papers in Scopus-indexed journals. All of this he accomplished in the last three years.

Writing is a Part of Me

His love for writing began when Suwinto was still in junior high school in the Kepulauan Riau, his hometown. At that time, he was his school's chief editor of the media. Moreover, when he continued his university education, Suwinto held the same position. He became the chief editor of the media published by his campus.

Regarding his love of writing, Suwinto shared a story. He explained, "Everything takes time. I started by writing a diary, then a wall magazine on campus, and finally, I could write for scientific publications. The point is to trust the process."

While writing, Suwinto also learned how to use the Indonesian language properly. This is a challenge for him. Especially in his origin, Kepulauan Riau, most people prefer to use the local language. So, when he became the chief editor of the media managed by his school, Suwinto also repeated his Indonesian language lessons.

During 2022, Suwinto targets remaining active in writing. "Every week, I have a target to write an article in the journal Sinta. Furthermore, it was accomplished." He said, "For me, writing is like leaving a legacy for the next generation." He said he is diligent in writing in Sinta's journal because he wants to contribute to preserving the Indonesian language.


Actively Doing Research

Suwinto not only likes to write but is also active in research. This is also a habit he has been developing since he was a student. During his time as a doctoral program student (S3) at the School of Business, Bogor Agricultural University (Institue Pertanian Bogor or IPB), Suwinto won the Best Research Proposal in the program Doctoral Journey in Management and Master Journey in Management.

Suwinto (right) when he received the Best Research Proposal award from Dahlan Iskan (Minister of SOEs 2011–2014).


The Doctoral Journey in Management and Master Journey in Management are case study analysis competitions in management. This is an annual event. This competition was attended by doctoral and master's level students from various public and private universities.

Before becoming a lecturer at the Management Study Program, Faculty of Business, Presuniv, Suwinto had a long career in the professional world. He has worked at Citibank NA, PT Astra Sedaya Finance (Astra Group), PT Tifa Finance Tbk, and PT Mandala Multifinance Tbk.

His long career as a professional helped him a lot in writing. He said, "My writing material is based on my professional experience, also from real cases. Apart from that, I also took material from ongoing cases. I like to write about up-to-date topics." Now, Suwinto's papers appear in various journals from various publications, many of which are published by almost all universities in Indonesia.

Suwinto completed his Bachelor of Economics degree at Atma Jaya University (1995), Jakarta, then held a Master's in Management from the Indonesian Institute of Business and Informatics (2005) and a Doctorate in Economics from IPB. Talking about education, Suwinto said, "I like law and economics. Those two majors really inspired me."

That is why, in 2019, Suwinto continued his education in law at Tarumanagara University, Jakarta. He earned his master's degree in law in July 2021.

In the future, Suwinto wants to focus on pursuing a professorship at Presuniv. For lecturers who want to write in the Sinta journal actively, Suwinto suggests starting with publications published by universities outside Java.

For writing techniques, Suwinto said, "Write down whatever ideas come up first. After that, if you have difficulties, try using a mind map and writing points that can later become a research framework. Finally, remember to use the subject (S), predicate (P), object (O), and description (Keterangan or K)." (Lita Gabriella, PR team. Photo: Doc. Suwinto Johan and IPB)