31 Mar 2021

Interested in Building a Beauty Startup? Here are the Opportunities!

Not only women, men's awareness to always maintain appearance was higher. The need to care for facial beauty and health makes the need for cosmetic products increasing. This certainly opens up profitable business.

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25 Mar 2021

Watch out! Fake Clubhouse App Ready To Steal Your Data

Clubhouse based audio chat, much like radio talk in a conference call. The Clubhouse application is currently only available on the iPhone. The Android version is still under development. So, if there is a Clubhouse application for Android, it is definitely a hoax

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23 Mar 2021

Challenges for Agricultural Startups in Indonesia

Startups can be an alternative solution for various agricultural problems in Indonesia. Not only good for the Industrial Revolution 4.0 which is completely digital and automatic, the existence of agricultural startups is also expected to be able to eliminate traditions that are detrimental to farmers, such as middlemen and collectors.

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18 Mar 2021

GoMart Return for Weekly Shopping Needs

GoMart was first launched in late 2015. This service allows users to purchase products from partner shops or merchants on the Gojek application. However, in 2018 this service was temporarily closed.

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16 Mar 2021

Can Your Startup be a Solution to User Problems?

Currently, many startups claim that their ideas and innovations can change the world for the better. There are those who are successful, but there are also many who cannot execute properly the startup ideas they have.

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11 Mar 2021

The Things that Startup Founders Need to Know Before Pivoting

In the startup world, growth in the early stages is crucial. If there is absolutely no change in a certain period of time, for example three to six months, then it's time to consider pivots. But, wait. Do you know what is a pivot in startup?

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09 Mar 2021

How to Determine Is There a Market for Your Business Idea?

One of the biggest risks of developing a startup is designing the wrong product or service. Imagine when you have spent months, not even a few years, only to find out that what you develop will not be successful.

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04 Mar 2021

Vidio & GoPlay vs Foreign VOD

The arrival of foreign platforms, such as Netflix and Disney + has made the competition heat up. The platform managers are now also starting to produce original content that involves domestic filmmakers, to screen local films. This means that having original content is now a necessity, no longer a differentiating factor.

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