01 Jun 2021

Interesting Facts Related to P2P Lending Startups in Indonesia

Did you know that more than half of Indonesia's fintech industry players are filled by peer-to-peer lending service providers. That's why it's not surprising if we often hear all kinds of news about online loan services. From good news to bad news.

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06 May 2021

New Trend of Digital Banks in Indonesia

Digital banks in Indonesia grown rapidly in recent years. Digital bank players are still dominated by conventional banking institutions. To become a digital bank, conventional banking institutions can take a business model transformation path or through other means, such as carrying out corporate actions with acquisitions.

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04 May 2021

Credit Card vs Paylater

Did you know, the Indonesian Credit Card Association (AKKI) said that the credit card business in Indonesia over the past year has decreased by at least 20% when compared to normal conditions? (cnbcindonesia.com). The main factor in the decline in credit card sales was due to limited community activities during the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though the focus of credit cards is as a means of payment for travel and entertainment, both at home and abroad, which is currently still very limited. Another factor is the emergence of other transaction methods using paylater (payment at a later date) provided by financial technology (fintech) companies that cooperate directly with e-commerce platforms.

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29 Apr 2021

Is Employer Branding Important for Startups?

Have you ever heard of employer branding? Basically, this term is a concept that is applied by the company, with the aim that all workers and employees can feel comfortable while working. Not only that, this concept also aims to make workers and prospective employees consider the company a good place to do work

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27 Apr 2021

Potential of Bill Payment Market in Indonesia

The online payment system is increasingly loved by the people of Indonesia, especially during the pandemic. So, it's no wonder that the digital payments business continues to grow. For example, LinkAja, which during 2020 grew by almost 65% to more than 61 million users (www.wartaekonomi.co.id).

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22 Apr 2021

The Rise of Indonesia's Online Grocery

The increasing popularity of online grocery, especially shopping for household necessities online, which is driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and the imposition of large-scale social restrictions. This phenomenon is predicted to boost growth of the e-commerce sector in Indonesia.

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20 Apr 2021

How Important is Market Penetration for Startups?

Market penetration is a growth strategy whereby a company concentrates on expanding its market share. This is done by attracting new customers, grabbing customers from competitors, or attracting customers who are not currently using the product. Market penetration is carried out, among other things, by charging lower prices and intensifying promotion more broadly.

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15 Apr 2021

How ShopeePay Wins Indonesia's E-Wallet Market

Since 2014, Bank Indonesia has carried out the National Non-Cash Movement (GNNT) program to educate and socialize the use of non-cash electronic money instruments (money.kompas.com). Compared to cash transactions, non-cash transactions do have several advantages, including being more efficient and practical because they do not require carrying large amounts of cash.

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