Published: 27 Mar 2023

Two students from President University (Presuniv) have passed the selection process and were entitled to take part in the Astra 1st Scholarship batch 11 program (August–December 2022 period) organized by PT Astra International Tbk. The two students are Annisahnur Oktaviani from the 2019 batch the of Information Systems Study Program and RD Denny Septiadi Fushshilat, 2020 batch of the Communication Science Study Program.

At the end of the internship program, Denny Septiadi was named the Best Awardee in the program. This was due to Denny being so active while participating in the Astra 1st Scholarship program.


Passed the MBKM Program Selection

The Astra 1st Scholarship Program is a self-development scholarship provided by Astra International for undergraduate (S1) students throughout Indonesia. This program aims to encourage students to broaden their understanding of the professional world and improve their ability to deal with real business situations.

There are various advantages for students who join the program. Among other things, getting financial assistance, getting the opportunity to understand the various business lines of the Astra Group through acting as a consultant or working on various projects, receiving assistance and coaching for self-development, the opportunity to take part in various activities both in class and in the field.

Both Denny and Annisah joined the Astra 1st Scholarship after passing the selection for the Merdeka Learn Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) program held by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek).

Annisah talked about the process she had to go through before joining the Astra 1st Scholarship program. This stemmed from her desire to add to her body of knowledge. Annisah also ventured into cyberspace, including clicking on the Merdeka Learning Merdeka Campus website page. There, she found a field of science that she really wanted to learn.

It was this desire that made Annisa decide to register. Not an easy matter, because the registration period was almost ending. So, Annisah rushed. She sent her CV and various other documents needed to register.

After waiting for some time, Annisa was declared to have passed the CV selection and she received an invitation to take a psychological test which was followed by a user interview. Annisa shared her story about this, "The questions asked about my experience and passions in accordance with the job description. I also attach a portfolio of my work as a support documentation, which time confirmed my experience. The interview was conducted at 14.00, and at 17.00.”

Annisahnur Oktaviani (left) and Denny Septiadi Fushshilat.

Source: Doc. Personal.


Annisah then shared tips about the interview process. She said, "When you are given the opportunity to ask questions, take advantage of the opportunity in order to ask questions." Annisah said, from the questions we ask, the interviewer will be able to judge how interested we are in working at the company and the job position that we are applying for.

Denny had a similar experience. He also sent CVs and various other documents to the MBKM program. After passing the CV selection, Denny continued the process with psychological tests and interviews with the user or users, until he was finally declared accepted.


Hard Skills and Soft Skills

While undergoing the Astra 1st Scholarship program, Denny faced a very challenging situation. He lives in Cikarang, Bekasi, while many of the program's activities are carried out at Astra International's head office on Jl. Gen. Sudirman, Jakarta. So, almost every day Denny has to go back and forth from Cikarang to Sudirman. This situation forced Denny to manage his time as well in order to benefit from the opportunity.

Another challenging situation facing Denny was that he had to be able to collaborate with 42 students who were also taking part in the Astra 1st Scholarship program. Their ages were also different. "Some of them were older than me," said Denny. Then, how did he manage the situation? He said, “The key is that I have to learn to understand and accept a lot of new knowledge from fellow program participants. Then, don't hesitate to share your ideas and suggestions. I also have to build a good working relationship with both the mentors and other participants. This is important to build a healthy atmosphere.”

Meanwhile, Annisa felt lucky because before joining the Astra 1st Scholarship program, she had studied to become a Coding Instructor at a training institution. In fact, she had received certification as a Coding Instructor from the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP). These skills really helped her when she joined the Astra 1st Scholarship program.

While undergoing the program, Annisa admitted that she learned a lot about process flow, data processing, and various other new knowledge. He said, “All the staff at Astra International really helped me. Everyone appreciates and respects each other. There is neither seniority nor minority. I am happy to be acquainted with great people who allowed me to take advantage of my youth to continue learning.”

Meeting lots of great people enabled Annisa not only to hone her technical skills, but also her soft skills. "I learned a lot about manners, how to appreciate and respect everyone I meet," he said. In fact, as part of the learning process, Annisa had the opportunity to do benchmarking with the PAMA Professional Certification Institute (LSP) which is under the auspices of PT Pamapersama Nusantara, a subsidiary of Astra International engaged in the coal mining business.

That was part of Annisah and Denny's experience when they were undergoing the Astra 1st Schoolship program. This program does not only test the technical competence or hard skills of both, but also non-technical or soft skills. It is this ability that makes both of them able to face many people with various characters while continuing to hone their interpersonal communication skills. (Chery Kumala, PR team, Photo: Doc. Denny and Annisah)