Published: 22 Feb 2022

Growing Under Pressure

Manage Pressure with 4C

Part 4 of 4 articles

Now, we enter to the core of book Growing Under Pressure by Iman Permana and Jazak Yus Afriansyah, namely how to turn pressure into strength? The formula is to change. Iman and Jazak formulate with 4C. What is it?

Firstchange your body movement. When we stress, subconsciously it shows up in various body movements. For example, when you are upset or sad, your head will tend to look down. When emotions are increasing, the eyes can bulge, breathing becomes irregular, even gasping for air. Or, when we are nervous, we may unconsciously squeeze our fingers. And others.

Those are the various body manifestations. Then, how can body movements reduce pressure and turn it into strength? There are some. For example, try to look ahead and keep smiling. Keep trying to breathe regularly and take a walk in the park while doing light exercise movements. The leading motivator, Tung Desem Waringin, when under pressure chooses to jump around for a while to raise his spirits. Alternatively, if it is time to pray, do pray. You can also choose to take a nap. The point is you should change your moves.

Have you ever seen a policeman controlling traffic while playing music or dancing around? That is their way of reducing the pressure caused by controlling the traffic jam. Any effort to change the movement will help you reduce the pressure.

Secondchange your thinking. There are still many people who, when having pressure, their brains are filled with thoughts why is it happening? How did that happen? How come? And so forth. So their minds are still focused on the problem. It causes us physically and psychologically to be very tired.

So, change your way of thinking by starting focus on solutions. Think about what you have to do to solve the problem or pressure. Furthermore, start with positive thinking. Do not be too busy trying to figure out who is at fault.

Third, change your belief. Every day something may happen to you. That is common, but it can change the situation depending on how you interpret it. If you interpret it negatively, the event appears stressful for us. On the other hand, if you interpret the event positively, it will turn into a strength.

Fourth, change your intake. Here what is meant by intake is not only food to meet physical needs, but also food for the mind. This step is usually only taken after completing the first to third steps.

For physical food, choose the type of healthy food and follow the body's needs. If because of health considerations, there are foods that must be abstained, abstain. Do not take risks by eating foods that will harm your health. For example, if you have diabetes, avoid eating too many carbohydrates or sugary foods.

Moreover, about food for the mind, fill your brain and feelings with helpful information and positive things. Do not fill it with hoaxes or information that is full of lies. Do not poison your heart with the desire to hurt others or vent your anger and hatred.

Those are the 4Cs suggested by Iman and Jazak through their book Growing Under Pressure. Please try. (JB Susetiyo, PR team. Illustration: verywellmind.com).