Published: 26 Aug 2021

Digital transformation is one of the important keys for the growth of MSMEs in the country. This should be the concern of many parties, including the government, industry players, and the world of education. Moreover, the Minister of Trade, Muhammad Lutfi predicts that Indonesia's digital economy will grow 8 times by 2030 with a value of Rp. 4,531 trillion.

This growth will only be achieved if one of its main problems is solved, namely the narrowing of the gap between demand and availability of digital talent. In that context, universities can play a key role, namely being a business incubator that produces young entrepreneurs. This idea was also put forward by the Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Teten Masduki. “I am very happy to collaborate with universities in developing entrepreneurship among young people. They are the ones who are expected to become reliable entrepreneurs in the future," said Minister Teten in a press release, Saturday (20/2).

This collaboration spirit is also what Bhinneka.Com and President University (PresUniv) carry. Through this collaboration, Bhinneka.com collaborates with SetSail BizAccel, a business incubator founded by PresUniv, to present the Campus Marketplace. This is a virtual market specifically for students and the entire academic community within the PresUniv campus, which is right in the heart of the largest industrial area in Southeast Asia, namely the Jababeka Industrial area.

According to the Rector of PresUniv, Prof. Dr. Jony Oktavian Haryanto, PresUniv's collaboration with Bhinneka.Com is one of the efforts to continue to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the campus environment. "With this ecosystem, the entire academic community at PresUniv, namely students, alumni, lecturers and staff, who are interested in entrepreneurship will know where to find partners, financing, and various other supports," said Jony. So, PresUniv is pleased to be collaborating with Bhinneka.Com, one of the leading e-commerce business players in the country. "This is a real manifestation of the synergy between the academic world and the business and industrial world (DUDI) as the government hopes," he said.

President University's Campus Marketplace: https://setsail.bhinneka.com/
Photo: Ruhmaya Nida Wathoni.


Meanwhile, the Chief of Commercial and Omni Channel of Bhinneka.Com, Vensia Tjhin, explained further about the cooperation. “The marketplace that we present for PresUniv will be accessible to students, staff, teachers, and even alumni through. Here, apart from being https://setsail.bhinneka.com/ on a platform to market student-made products, it can also be used as an entrepreneurship laboratory to produce digital talents that are increasingly needed by the market,” explained Vensia.

Collaboration between the world of education and business people can also bridge theoretical knowledge with its application according to current developments. Through this collaboration, Bhinneka.Com provides the technology it has developed to PresUniv to be utilized as much as possible to encourage the birth of as many business people as possible from the campus environment.

According to Rendika Nugraha, a PresUniv lecturer who is the Director of SetSail BizAccel, currently the PresUniv business incubator has 30 startups or online tenants. All of them belong to PresUniv students. "This number will continue to grow in line with the development of the SetSail Store business which is a one-stop solution store to meet all the needs of PresUniv students," said Rendika. In the future, the Setsail Store will also be connected with various enabler partners in the Bhinneka.Com network in the context of a business super-ecosystem. These partners are from the banking sector, fintech, logistics companies or commonly called 3PL (third party logistics), consultants and research, as well as other business development institutions.

With the support of these partners, in the future the merchants at Setsail Store can serve customers from various circles. Such as retail customers (B2C), corporate customers (B2B) and so on through integrated marketing channels, such as Bhinneka Bisnis and BeLa Procurement. To see President University's Campus Marketplace directly, please visit https://setsail.bhinneka.com/. (JB Susetiyo, PR team. Photo: Ruhmaya Nida Wathoni).