Faculty Mobility

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Visiting Scholars

Some of our partner universities are welcome to have President University (PresUniv) scholars to spend a semester or year researching or lecturing at their university. The length of visit varies depending on each institution’s policy. At the same time, PresUniv is also welcome for international scholars to visit our university.

Below are some of our partner institutions which offer scholar visits:

Silla University.png
All Study Program BA, IR IR, MGT, ACC, IE, EE, ME MGT, ACC, BA


MGT, ACC, IR MGT All Study Program Eng, Comp Sci, Bus

  IE, EE, ME, EnvE, MGT, BA All Study Program  
Joint Research

PresUniv faculty members could spend some time to do their research abroad and the other way around. Some of our partner institutions which offer joint-research programme with us are:

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EE, ME, IT, IS, COM, BA, MGT, LAW All Study Program All Study Program IE. ME, EE, EnvE, MGT, BA





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