20 Feb 2021

Webinar "Python A to Z, Mengapa Anda wajib Pelajari Python"

You are invited to join an online seminar "Python A to Z, Mengapa Anda wajib Pelajari Python"

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05 Feb 2021

Webinar "No Modal, No Sukses Benarkah?"

President Development Center would like to invite you to join human resource management online seminar "No Modal, No Sukses Benarkah?" that will be held on:

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28 Jan 2021

Online Seminar "Peluang di Masa Pandemi untuk Leapfrog dalam Pendidikan"

Education world is currently facing a Leapfrog because of Pandemic COVID-19. Changes in plans happen continually. This situation creates confusion and urges us to think differently and find opportunities during this pandemic.

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12 Dec 2020


Wiksadipta and would like to invite you to festival webinar Wiksadipta X Digibarter. This webinar is a paid webinar, with the target is Generation Z. Generation Z  is a generation that was born between 1995 and 2010, where they are currently moving towards maturity. This webinar is held to raise funds donation, the proceeds from the ticket sales for the webinar festival will be donated for the school equipment in Yayasan Peduli Anak.

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23 Oct 2020

Online Seminar "COVID-19: Jumlah Dokter Terus Berkurang, Lalu Apa?"

Until early October 2020, doctors' ratio to the population in Indonesia had reached 0.4% or four doctors per 1,000 population. Indonesia ranks second lowest in Southeast Asia. This problem has sharpened the gap in the availability of doctors in various regions in Indonesia. Then what is the solution?

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25 Sep 2020

Free Online Seminar "Covid-19: Myth vs Facts"

Some unrevealed information related to Covid-19 led people to create speculations about it. As a result, sometimes people have misleading information about Covid-19 whether it is a myth or fact. How should we respond to it?

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08 Oct 2020

Monash University and President University Joint Webinar "Online Learning: Is it the Future of Education?"

Monash University in conjunction with President University is proud to bring you an interactive webinar on "Online Learning: Is it the Future of Education?"

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19 Sep 2020

Online Workshop "Anti Plagiarism"

President Development Center, President University would like to invite you to an online workshop Anti Plagiarism. Through this webinar, we will learn how to identify and avoid plagiarism in academic writings.

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