Event Date: 08 Apr 2021

Funded by the European Union Capacity Building in Higher Education Programme, the Growing Indonesia–a Triangular Approach (GITA) project operates at a national, regional, local, institutional and programme level. Since 2017, this project has created a growing network of Growth Hubs across Indonesia aimed at embedding entrepreneurship education into University curricula and providing support services to local entrepreneurs and start-up businesses.


The consortium members of GITA are:

- University of Gloucestershire, UK

- Technical University Dublin, Ireland

- University of Innsbruck, Austria

- Fachhochschule des Mittelstands, Germany

- President University, Jakarta

- Universitas Islam Indonesia, Yogyakarta

- Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Yogyakarta

- STIE Malangkucecwara, Malang

- Universitas Brawijaya, Malang

- Universitas Negeri Semarang, Semarang

- Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung


Final Conference (Thursday, 8 April 2021, 15.30-17.30 WIB)

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Business Plan Winners Presentation (Friday, 9 April 2021, 15.30-16.30 WIB)

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