Event Date: 03 Jun 2022

Dear Students of Batch 2020,


We are writing to announce that the session of Pre-Internship Class will soon start!

This Pre-Internship is a preparation course to enhance your readiness for the next internship and following a career-related decision making process. The Pre-Internship Program will discuss the rules and regulation for internship, strategies for applying to internship or job application.

Pre-Internship Classes is a compulsory program, and weigh 1 SKS in the completion of your academic classes. Please note that all classes will be conducted online and to join the class, use the following link.

1. Morning Class : Every Friday at 2.30 PM
Meeting ID: 841 4888 3501

2. Evening Class : Every Friday at 6.30 PM
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 895 8965 0907

Thank you