Event Date: 15 Dec 2021

President Development Center, President University, would like to invite you to join an online seminar "Chinese Language: Potential to Get Scholarships and Career Opportunities to Increase Income" that will be held on:

Date : Wednesday, 15 December 2021
Time : 10.00 - 11.30 AM
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An increase in economic activity can be marked by an increase in the cooperative relationship of an agency both at home and abroad. The mobility of economic actors must be able to cross-linguistic boundaries to support activities in them. One way to maintain the stability of bilateral relations is to prepare adaptive resources. Resources must develop language skills beyond their primary expertise. Teaching foreign languages is a necessity that cannot be avoided. The high level of foreign investment, especially those from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, makes Chinese as necessary as English.

Welcoming Remarks:
Rini Lestari, Chairperson of the Indonesia Taiwan Business Council

1. Tania Setiawan, Ikatan Citra Alumni Taiwan Indonesia-Jakarta (ICATI-Jakarta)
2. Amy Shuching Doong, Chinese Lecturer at President University (Native speaker)
3. Harryanto Aryodiguno, Director of the President Development Center

Ivana Huang, Executive Director Indonesia Taiwan Business Council

This Webinar Open for public & E-certificate provided

Best Regards,
President Development Center