Event Date: 23 Aug 2021

When is the perfect time to run a business?  Do I have to finish college first? Or maybe both?
Find those answers by joining this clubhouse, if you want to know how these speakers juggling to build their own ventures, family businesses, and studies!


Entrepreneurial journey: is it too much to handle?

When is it?

Monday, August 23 2021 19.00 WIB

These are the speakers:
1. Rendika Nugraha
(Director of SetSail BizAccel, President  University Entrepreneurship Lecturer) 

2. Ruhmaya Wathoni
(Program Manager of SetSail BizAccel,  Entrepreneur)
3. Muhammad Rizki  
(President University Alumni, Director of PT.  Putra Gemilang Trans)
4. Sekar Sugihartono
(President University Alumni, Master of Arts in  International Relation Candidate, Entrepreneur) 

5. Firman Yusuf
(President University Student, Founder of  Cococreative)


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