Event Date: 03 Aug 2021

Hello !

Let us unlock the gate for the next internship and career opportunity by building readiness to tackle challenges in the recruitment process!
Prepare yourself now to update your skills to win the interview process and boost your confidence to network with employers.

If you are currently preparing your next career milestone either through internship, full-time , or temporary work appointment , sign up now in a webinar by Kalbe Nutritionals and President University. Presented by Human Resource practitioners, Kalbe Nutritionals will deliver the topic on "Essential Things to Prepare Your Successful Career" where you can learn the hands-on tips from industry practitioners about recruitment strategies and interview techniques for internship or full-time employment.

We will also share some vacancies available in Kalbe Nutritionals which may suit your career aspirations. There are 5 vacancies which await you :

1. Brand Manager
2. Key Account Executive
3. Business Partner Trainer Officer
4. Field Management Trainer
5. Channel Development

Details on each job will be presented during the webinar. So, save the date and join now!

Day and Date      : Tuesday, 3rd August 2021
Time : 1 PM - 3 PM Jakarta Time
Keynote speakers : Isa Dwiyono - Human Resource Business Partner, Kalbe Nutrititionals
Registration link :