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06 Feb 2020

President University Welcomed HIPMI West Java Region in A Public Lecture Titled "Come Become Entrepreneurs"

President University welcomed Indonesia Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) West Java Region in a public lecture titled "Come Become Entrepreneurs" at the Charles Himawan Auditorium, President University on Tuesday (4/2). Four HIPMI members were present to provide material about business in the digital era. They are Radityo Egi Pratama, S.T., M.B.A. (CEO of PT. Roem Arsi Developindo), Jimmy Hendrix (President Commissioner of PT. Venus Media Technology / VMT Software), Surya Batara Kartika, S.T. (CEO of PT Safta Ferti), and Rayhan Nuradhitia (CEO of PT. Pioneers Group).

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06 Feb 2020

President University Synergizes Facilities and Networks with BPPT to Develop Technology Research and Innovation

President University and Jababeka collaborate with the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) to synergizes facilities and networks owned by the three parties to develop research, technological innovation, and startup companies.

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05 Feb 2020

“E-Waste Entrepreneur” Concept to Improve The E-Waste Management

Reynaldo Arya, a student of Law President University batch 2018 proposed an “E-Waste Entrepreneur” concept in the ITB Model United Nations (MUN) that was held in Courtyard Marriot, Bandung on 31 January - 2 February 2020. Reynaldo who represented Germany won the “Outstanding Delegate” award in the United Nations Environmental Programme Council.

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04 Feb 2020

Indonesia's Financial Inclusion Ambassadors' Ambitions to Make President University the Leader of Financial Inclusion at the University Level

President University students La Ode Rifaldi Nedan Prakasa and Freshilla Elisabeth Mangasi who were selected as Indonesia’s Financial Inclusion Ambassadors were inaugurated on 1 February 2020.

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31 Jan 2020

Why Have Islamic Insurance Systems Developed Well in Some Countries, but Not in Others?

All human activities are subject to the risk of loss from unforeseen events. Thus, insurance is highly purchased as it can safeguard one’s financial needs and secure your future plans. One of the products that is on high demand is Islamic insurance. As the Islamic insurance market has been experiencing tremendous growth in the past few years, some questions arose. One of them is “Why have Islamic insurance systems developed well in some countries, but not in others?”

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30 Jan 2020

Students and Laboratory Assistants of Mechanical Engineering President University Participated in a Metrology Workshop at Kawan Lama

Students and laboratory assistants of Mechanical Engineering President University participated in a metrology workshop held by Kawan Lama, one of the biggest industrial equipment retails in Indonesia (22/1).

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29 Jan 2020

Civil Engineering Students Got a Hands-on Learning Experience at the Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway Construction Site

Civil Engineering students of President University visited one of the high-speed railway point, the Walini Tunnel in West Bandung Regency (21/1).

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28 Jan 2020

President University Students Won Prestigious Awards in the Indonesia Model United Nations

Three students won prestigious awards in the Indonesia MUN last week. They are Reynaldo Arya, student of Law President University batch 2018 who won the Best Delegates, Mohamad Dafiryan, an International Relations student batch 2018 who won the Honorable Mention and Best Position Paper, and Lukas Mikael, an International Relations student batch 2017 who won the Verbal Commendation.

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