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22 Feb 2018

Learn Deeper on Start-Up Funding with the CEO of Lawble

Cikarang, Indonesia—Law Study Program President University held a guest lecture themed “How Start-up Funding Works” that was held in B106, B Building, President University campus located in Jababeka Education Park, Kota Jababeka (20/2). The event attended by Charya L. Rabindra, CEO and Co Founder dari and approximately 30 students and lecturers.

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20 Feb 2018

President University Welcomes Four Exchange Students from Malaysia

Cikarang, Indonesia—President University (PresUniv) welcomed four excange students from Universiti Utara Malaysia on Monday (19/2) in President University. The four students are Siti Syafikah Binti Omar, Azimah Binti Azizan, Tan Ee Shen, and Nur Syahira Binti Alias. The delegation welcomed by Vice Rector for Communications and Partnerships, Handa S. Abidin, SH, LL.M, Ph.D, and Director for International Partnerships, Marissa N. Astika, B.Sc, M.Sc.

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14 Feb 2018

Moreblessing Mapolisa: A Zimbabwean Thought on Indonesians Culture

Cikarang, Indonesia—Indonesia is a multicultural country which has diverse culture. Aside of its nature’s beauty, this diversity is also become one of main attractions for foreigners to visit Indonesia. This is also felt by Moreblessings Mapolisa from Zimbabwe when she first came to Indonesia. Mobie, that is the way she called, is one of Darmasiswa scholarship program participants who is currently studying bahasa Indonesia for a year in President University.

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13 Feb 2018

Flavia Nambooze: Indonesia is So Fascinating!

I would like to take this opportunity to fill you all in about my travel arrival impression in Indonesia. Did I know about the country? Oh yes, of course! Google, Al-Jazeera (the Jazeera Satellite Channel) and CNN that I intriguingly got inspired with the Indonesian culture and its deep rooted philosophy.

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12 Feb 2018

Reading the Implementation of Big Data and Future Trend

On Monday (12/2), School of Computing President University (PresUniv) collaborated with Internship & Career Center (ICC) and Communication Beaurau, and SetSail BizAccel held a guest lecture themed “Big Data: The Future Trend & Implementation”. The event took place in Charles Himawan Auditorium, President University, Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, Kota Jabakeka, Cikarang.

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08 Feb 2018

President University Won Jessup Spirit Award in Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition 2018

Bali, Indonesia—President University (PresUniv) through its Law Study Program students ranked the Top 10 in the “Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition 2018” that was held in Universitas Udayana, Bali (2-4/2). The team was awarded “Spirit of Jessup Award”, an award that is given to the team that best exemplifies the Jessup spirit of comradeship, academic excellence, competitiveness, and appreciation of fellow competitors. PresUniv was also selected because it is the only first-timer team that managed to be in the Top 10 as well as obtaining a great score.

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07 Feb 2018

Ambassadorial Lecture: Indonesia-Canada Relations

Cikarang, Indonesia—International Relations Study Program President University (PresUniv) held Ambassadorial Lecture titled “Indonesia-Canada Relations: Challenges and Opportunity” in Charles Himawan Auditorium PresUniv (5/2). The event attended by Teuku Faizasyah, Indonesian Ambassador to Canada, Teuku Rezasyah, Dean of Faculty of Humanities PresUniv, and approximately 250 students and lecturers.

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07 Feb 2018

Seven Dimensions of Self Assesment

Cikarang, Indonesia - Two previous writings have explained about one of the criteria of Entrepreneurial University and the approach used to create a university to have the character of entrepreneurship. This time we will discuss how a university can do self-assessment aon how entrepreneurial they are? Thus, we need a little acquainted with HEInnovate. What is that? HEInnovate started in March 2011 at the University Business Forum, a forum for dialogue and exchanging knowledge between European universities and businessmen in the region. Then, in 2013 the initiative was developed by the European Commission and the OECD and six expert panels resulted to become an initiative as well as networking.

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