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Published: 14 Aug 2019

President University Debate team (President University Debating Society) has successfully won the Indonesian Debating Competition which is part of the Equilibrium Science Fair (ESF) 2019 on 8 – 9 August 2019 at Universitas Udayana, Bali. This victory was achieved after they defeated the home team in the grand final. For this victory, Rey Abraham (International Relations 2018), Ni Wayan Frida Anjelina (International Relations 2018), and I Putu Bagus Dimas Pranata (International Relations 2018) have the right to bring home the Bali’s Governor Trophy.

Aside from being the champion as a group, all members of the team also won all individual awards, with Dimas grasping The Best Speaker award, while his teammates Rey and Frida collectively held the Second Best Speaker award. This means our team was able to take the competition by storm and gotten every award they could possibly get.

The road to victory was not an easy one according to them, as even after registering they had to submit an essay in order to compete in the competition. Knowing the fact that they will meet many intense opponents, they prepare everything diligently. They did joint training, alongside the President Univesity team who joined NUDC to hone their skills, which helped them a lot in facing opponents in ESF. Ultimately in the d-day, they were able to best the likes of USU, UNUD, UNSRI, IPB and smoothly sailed to win the competition. This adds yet another accomplishment to President University Debating Society’s list of accolades this year, all thanks to the hard work of everyone involved in President University Debating Society. (RAS/SL)



President University Berhasil Membawa Pulang Piala Bergilir Gubernur Bali

Tim Debat President University (President University Debating Society) berhasil memenangkan Indonesian Debating Competition yang merupakan bagian dari rangkaian ajang Equilibrium Science Fair (ESF) 2019 pada 8-9 Agustus 2019 di Universitas Udayana, Bali. Kemenangan ini mereka raih setelah mengalahkan tim tuan rumah di babak final. Atas kemenangan ini, Rey Abraham (Hubungan Internasional 2018), Ni Wayan Frida Anjelina (Hubungan Internasional 2018), and I Putu Bagus Dimas Pranata (Hubungan Internasional 2018) berhak membawa pulang Piala Bergilir Gubernur Bali.

Selain mendapat juara pertama sebagai tim, masing-masing dari mahasiswa President University ini juga mendapatkan penghargaan individu. Dimas dinobatkan sebagai The Best Speaker sedangkan Rey dan Frida sama-sama mendapatkan gelar Second Best Speaker atas perolehan poin yang sama. Pencapaian ini patut diacungi jempol karena perwakilan President University dapat menyabet semua penghargaan yang tersedia, baik itu sebagai tim maupun secara individu.

Menurut mereka bertiga, berawal dari pengumpulan essay di proses pendaftaran, kemenangan ini tidak diraih dengan mudah. Mereka sadar betul lawan-lawan hebat yang akan mereka hadapi sehingga mereka terus melakukan persiapan dengan maksimal. Mereka melakukan pelatihan kolaborasi dengan tim President University lain untuk National University Debating Championship untuk mengasah kemampuan mereka. Akhirnya, mereka berhasil mengalahkan tim-tim terbaik seperti USU, UNUD, UNSRI, dan IPB dan berhasil memenangkan kompetisi ini. Kemenangan ini berhasil menambah daftar pencapaian President University Debating Society yang membanggakan. Tidak hanya karena kemampuan mereka, tentunya kemenangan ini diraih berkat pelatih dan seluruh anggota President University Debating Society. (SL)