What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 06 Feb 2021

President University (PresUniv) has been partnering with the University of Glasgow (UofG) for four years. There are many things that have been done. One of the activities that is often carried out is sharing and discussion involving academics from UofG and PresUniv, and business practitioners from the Jababeka Group. This business group has a close relationship with PresUniv. The founder of the Jababeka Group, SD Darmono, is also the founder of President University.

One of the figures from UofG who shared with PresUniv was Prof. Frank Cotton. The Vice Principal of UofG shared about the importance of research universities in having three things, namely Societal Engagement, Teaching, and Research. In Indonesia, this concept is similar to the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi. Prof. Cotton said, "If one of the three things does not exist in the higher education ecosystem, the other two will not be sustainable either." In addition, Prof. Cotton has also been a guest lecturer on "Understanding Complex Vortical Flow" at the Charles Himawan Auditorium, PresUniv Campus, Cikarang.

UofG lecturers who have also visited Indonesia and been a speaker at the seminar are Prof. Cleopatra Veloutsou, an expert in brand management and international publishing. Dr. Ramona Blanes, lecturer in International Business and Service Management, who discussed career opportunities in the financial technology industry, as well as Principal & Vice Chancellor of UofG Prof. Anton Muscatelli who presented the topic "Opportunity to Become Global Education Player". Prof. Moscatelli shared about the challenges that must be faced by educationist at the global level. This discussion and sharing event from UofG certainly enrich and enhance PresUniv's insights. (Gilang Suryanata, PR team)





Empat Tahun PresUniv-UofG: Diskusi, Seminar hingga Kuliah Tamu


Empat tahun usia kerja sama President University (PresUniv) dengan University of Glasgow (UofG). Banyak hal yang sudah dilakukan. Salah satu yang sangat intensif adalah sharing dan diskusi dengan melibatkan jajaran akademisi dari UofG dan PresUniv, serta para praktisi bisnis dari Grup Jababeka. Kelompok usaha ini memang memiliki kedekatan dengan PresUniv. Pendiri Grup Jababeka, SD Darmono, juga pendiri President University.

Salah satu tokoh dari UofG yang berbagi ke PresUniv adalah Prof. Frank Cotton. Vice Principal UofG ini berbagi tentang perlunya sebuah universitas riset memiliki tiga hal,  yakni Societal Engagement, Teaching, dan Research. Di Indonesia, konsep ini mirip dengan Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi. Kata Prof. Cotton, "Kalau satu saja dari tiga hal itu tidak ada dalam ekosistem pendidikan tinggi, dua lainnya juga tidak akan berkelanjutan." Selain itu, Prof. Cotton juga pernah memberikan kuliah tamu “Understanding Complex Vortical Flow” di Auditorium Charles Himawan Auditorium, Kampus PresUniv, Cikarang.

Dosen UofG yang juga pernah berkunjung ke Indonesia dan memberikan seminar adalah Prof. Cleopatra Veloutsou, pakar brand management dan international publishing. Lalu, Dr. Ramona Blanes, dosen International Business and Service Management, yang membahas tentang peluang karier di industri financial technology, serta Principal & Vice Chancellor UofG Prof. Anton Muscatelli yang memaparkan topik “Opportunity to Become Global Education Player”. Prof. Muscatelli berbagi pandangan mengenai tantangan yang harus dihadapi oleh para pengelola pendidikan di tingkat global. Ajang diskusi dan sharing dari UofG ini tentu memperkaya dan mempertajam wawasan PresUniv. (Gilang Suryanata, tim PR)