What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 02 Aug 2023

Advances in technology have given us access to the world's greatest inventions, including the latest trends. For example, artificial intelligence technology, such as ChatGPT or other platforms, can actually inspire us to be more creative and innovative. And, more importantly, technology encourages us to be more inspired to think in unusual ways. With all these developments, we should be able to look to the future with hope.

This was emphasized by the Rector of President University (Presuniv), Prof. Dr. Chairy, in his remarks at the graduation ceremony on Sunday, July 30, 2023. The 18th Presuniv graduation ceremony was held at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Jl. Jababeka Raya, Cikarang, Bekasi. With the theme Higher Education and Automation Convergence: Challenges and Opportunities, on this occasion Presuniv inaugurated 666 of its graduates. The graduation ceremony was divided into two sessions, namely the morning and afternoon sessions.

Chairy continued, "Presuniv has given these graduates the attitudes and abilities so that will be able to navigate a future that is full of uncertainty but also very exciting. In the near future, there will be even more challenges waiting for the graduates." So, said Chairy, be brave to face it all. On this occasion, Chairy revealed that during 2023, Presuniv will hold two graduation ceremonies. He said, "The first graduation ceremony held on Sunday, July 30, and the second graduation ceremony will be held in December." (JB Susetiyo, PR team. Photo: Lita Gabriella)