What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 01 Aug 2023

In the framework of National Children's Day, the Adam Kurniawan Library, President University (Presuniv), held a seminar entitled Bilingualism and Children's Cognitive Development at the BI Corner on Tuesday, July 25, 2023. The seminar, which was the result of the collaboration between the Adam Kurniawan Library and the Archives and Libraries Service, Bekasi Regency, was presented by Disa Evawani Lestari, a Presuniv lecturer. Dozens of participants, from teachers to community managers of fairy tales and reading gardens, attended the seminar. Said Neilany Edwina, Head of Adam Kurniawan Library, "We are holding this event to support the national library program by increasing inclusion-based community literacy."

In her presentation, Disa explained the meaning of bilingualism, namely, someone who is able to use two or more languages. She then revealed several myths that make people mistaken in their understanding of bilingualism. Disa said, "For example, speaking more than one language will make a child confused and lower his IQ score." Other myths, among others, are that it is no longer possible to learn a foreign language after the age of 30 or more, the golden period for learning a language is 0–15 years, and learning a foreign language at an early age will lead to an identity and cultural crisis. "Myths like this are definitely not true," said Disa.

Bilingualism skills must be taught as early as possible. For example, when a child is aged 0–3 years. The next period continued Disa, is when the child enters puberty. To stimulate bilingualism skills, said Disa, parents need to read storybooks in two languages, invite their children to watch films that use two languages, and consistently use a second language in everyday conversation. (JB Susetiyo, PR team. Photo: Chrissany Agussyl).