What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 28 Jul 2023

Many factors influence a country's economic condition, politics, health conditions, government policies, and several others, including law. One of the pillars of law enforcement is the prosecutor. On Monday, July 17, 2023, this material was discussed by the Law Study Program, Faculty of Humanities, President University (Presuniv), on Optimizing the Attorney's Authority. Ricky Setiawan Anas, SH, MH, Head of the Bekasi District Attorney's Office, Barkah Dqi H., SH, MH, Head of the Special Crimes Section at the Bekasi District Attorney's Office, Veronika Oxtafia, SH, Head of the Development Sub-Division, and Dr. Ir. Robert Pangihutan Radjagoegoek, S.Sos., SH, MH, Lecturer in Law, Presuniv. The discussion at Charles Himawan Auditorium, Building A, 5th floor, Presuniv Campus, Jababeka Education Park, Cikarang, Bekasi.

Ricky explained the implementation of the prosecutor's authority in handling criminal acts that caused losses to the country's economy. "Enforcement of criminal acts that harm the country's economy is still new, so there may still be deficiencies in the process, from the investigation stage to prosecution. This is because many factors need to be considered in handling criminal acts detrimental to the country's economy rather than those impacting state finances," said Ricky.

Robert Radjagoegoek said cross-sectoral cooperation is needed to improve the quality of law enforcement against criminal acts that harm the country's economy. "We must appreciate the hard work of law enforcers in enforcing laws that are just and humane," he said. (Lita Gabriella, PR team. Photo: Lita)