What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 04 Aug 2022


The Internship & Career Center (ICC) Bureau held a Virtual Internship Career Fair (VICF) 2022, Thursday (28/7), featuring PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia. Kawasaki is interested in recruiting PresUniv students and alumni through their Fresh Graduate Trainee (FGT) scheme.

In his presentation, Gumelar Indra, Human Resources Supervisor of PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia, underlined the gap between the company's needs and the capability of new graduates. The FGT program, said Indra, aims to overcome this gap. "All graduates, from any study program, are trained to have competencies that match the company's needs," he explained. In addition, Indra also said that engineers at Kawasaki had the opportunity to receive training in Japan or Thailand. So, this program is intended to ensure that the new graduates have the required competencies which includes skills, knowledge, and attitude. This will ensure that graduate skills match the  needs of the company. He said, “FGT participants will also be trained to improve their discipline. Because Kawasaki Indonesia, which is a company from Japan, places great emphasis on discipline.”

During this program, there are several competencies that are given. First, general competencies which include basic knowledge about the company, work safety and general business processes. Then, special competencies, namely technical competencies based on the placement of FGT participants. In addition, for one or two weeks, their will be briefings on soft skills and supporting competencies. Training will be provided by job training institutions or directly from the section head. Finally, FGT participants will receive On the Job Training, which is has the graduates working on tasks according to their placement. (Silvia Desi Betrice, PR team. Photo: Bureau of Internship & Career Center)