What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 28 Jul 2022

President University (PresUniv) has signed a Partnership Agreement (PKS) with Permata Keluarga Jababeka Hospital. The signing was carried out by Prof. Dr. Chairy, Rector PresUniv and dr. Merry Berlian Erlina, MM, Director of Permata Keluarga Jababeka Hospital, Friday (15/7). The handover and signing of the PKS document were witnessed by Prof. Dr. Ir. Budi Susilo Soepandji, DEA, Chairman of the President University Foundation (YPUP); Dr. Josep Ginting, S.E., M.M., Vice Rector for Business Development at PresUniv; Prof. Dr. Budi Setiabudiawan, dr., Sp.A(K), M. Kes., Dean of the Faculty of Medicine (FoM) at PresUniv; Marissa Astika, Head of the Partnership Bureau at PresUniv; and Prof. dr. Tri Hanggono Achmad from Padjadjaran University. Meanwhile, from the Permata Keluarga Hospital team, dr. Iskandar Suhardi, MM, Director of Permata Keluarga Hospital.

Through this PKS, PresUniv and Permata Keluarga Hospital will collaborate in realizing the Academic Health System (AHS). AHS is a collaborative ecosystem that involves three parties, namely health service providers, industry, and the PresUniv’s FoM. To realize the plan, Prof. Chary said, there needs to be a collaboration between stakeholders around the Jababeka industrial area, Cikarang. Meanwhile, dr. Iskandar said that AHS is very interesting and Permata Keluarga Hospital is ready to collaborate to achieve AHS goals. "AHS will be successful if we all work together and all parties will benefit ’"he said. (Gilang Suryanata, PR team. Photo: Gilang)