What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 06 Jun 2022

Friday, (3/6),the Internship & Career Center (ICC), President University (PresUniv), held a virtual Pre-Internship Program. This program aims to inform students about the regulations to be followed and internship opportunities. ICC introduced Dhana Segaran, Head of Qwork Sector Leader. Qwork is a company from Malaysia that provides services in the field of human resource development fro companies and talents in the gig economy.

Dhana said Qwork provides opportunities for PresUniv students who want to improve their professional experience through the Qwork internship program. “The Qwork work environment can increase value of and the insight of students. Because Qwork follows the five principles of the internship model, namely performance appraisal, providing assistance, having a curriculum, a safe work environment, and developing work skills and abilities," said Dhana.

PresUniv requires all students to undergo an internship program of at least 16 weeks. All internship documents can be downloaded and uploaded through the President University Information System (PUIS). Yandri Thoar, ICC staff, shared these tips from his internship, “The key is not to be too tired to seek and absorb new knowledge. Always stick to your commitments, be proactive, and maintain good relations with fellow interns/workers,” he said. (Lita Gabriella, PR team). (Photo: Lita).