What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 25 Nov 2021

Setsail BizAccel, President University (PresUniv), again held a workshop for the participants of Ready Setsail Batch 1, Monday (22/11). Ready Setsail Batch 1 is an intensive business mentoring program for six months for nine startups owned by PresUniv students. This workshop discusses lean startup by presenting David Boy Tonara, Chief of Alterra Academy. Alterra Academy is a coding boot camp for everyone with an IT and non-IT background to become a programmer with the best quality. The workshop was guided by Ruhmaya Nida Wathoni, Project Manager of Setsail BizAccel.

According to the CBS Insights study, David said, only 5% of startups are successful, while the other 95% fail. “Why did they fail? As many as 42% of these startups do not have a market for the products and services they create,” he said. David continued, “Talking about startups means talking about growth. To be successful, a startup must grow a hundred times or even a thousand times. If a startup can only grow by 10% in a year, it can be considered a failure.”

According to David, the role of lean startups is very much needed to avoid failures, such as no market need, getting outcompeted, flawed business models, and poor products. "So, lean startup is a method to grow a business faster, cheaper, and measurable," he explained. Furthermore, David said, the lean startup process starts from turning ideas into code by creating a product or service. Then, the code will be calculated to get data studied to create the next idea. David emphasized, “This process has to be repeated over and over again.” (Gilang Suryanata, PR team. Photo: Gilang)